Från Zickermans värld

söndag, maj 13, 2007

So. Yesterday I had my birthday and a few friends came over to celebrate. Due to my current healthstatus we kept it small. Lots of wonderful gifts! Three skeins of silverygrey silky gorgeousness, one skein 1 ply gotlandicwool from organic farms, beutiful handcrafted candy, a ceramic sculpture by my friend Nati, a vintage wristwatch - made in 1949 ( LOVE IT!), Essence champagneglasses from iittala, a cute transistorradio for our bedroom, money for buying books (YEY!), lots of flowers, a very longed for cd by Sofia Karlsson and the very very very wonderful Fir Cone Shawl (link to Helenes blog and one of her pics) in which I will spend extensive parts of this sunday since I don´t feel to good at all. I also recevied two dinnerinvitions from dear, dear friends. Thank you ever so much! I also received three beams for my lovely loom - whish means she´s ready to get warped!

This picture of me and Valdar was taken by Katarina. Thank you :-)

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