Från Zickermans värld

fredag, juli 20, 2007

We left Stockholm about a week ago for Bohuslän. A couple of close friends got married and held a wonderful ceremony and dinner by their house. Since we brought Valdar (at first we were not going to) we did not have to hurry home - so here we are.

We are staying at another couple of dear friends and their two children, which is great for Valdar. They own a farm - mostly sheep (Gotländska utegångsfår), poltery, cows and horses. Needless to say that we enjoy our stay deeply. The farm is called Grimslätt <-- visit their site! Today Sara and Markus received three large packages of..... YARN and WOOL! They send their wool to be spun at Solkustens Ullspinneri. Mostly it is 100% lambswool, 1 ply and 2 ply. This far I´ve tried to knit a 40 x 180 cm shawl using the knittax - a knitting machine (vad fasen heter det på engelska? Stickmaskin liksom) and I love the yarn! Soft, oh so soft.

The magical Knittax

Knitting a shawl. A shawl in one afternoon :-) Sweet.

Trying out some lacepatterns using the 1 ply aswell. Very exciting!

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  1. A more international focus??? I think it was pretty international before and I love it. Your site looks different too - I think you changed your template. I enjoy your pictures on Flickr.

  2. Hoppas att ni mår bra!
    Garn från egna får... låter som dröm.
    (Ledsen, jag är inte så bra på engelska...)

    Nu har jag skaffat en bordsvarpa och satt upp på ett provväv(rosengång) hemma. Ska börja skeda ikväll!

  3. Vad härligt det låter alltihop!