Från Zickermans värld

torsdag, juni 26, 2008


This is a cliffhanger. The birdbag is finished. And I must say that I am quite pleased, and somewhat smug. But - there will be no pictures tonight. Actually, there won´t be any pictures until sunday. Well - perhaps, but do not count on it. The embroideryclass ends tomorrow and me and B will leave for Näshulta and stay there until sunday. There will be knitting, embroidery, walks in the woods, concerts, dear friends, food, wine and SLEEP. I will leave you with a borrowed picture of the lining of the bag - it might be familiar from a previous post. Then it is time to pack. And I have not even written packinglists yet. Do you write lists? I do. Every day. It keeps me kind of calm, and kind of sane.

Tomorrow I´ll also send a couple of mitten-kits to their keen and able knitters. I really hope that you will enjoy them.

A calm and, well, CALM weekend to all of you!

The lining, ladies and gents - the lining. "My Folklore" by Lecien.
Provided by dear, dear

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  1. johanna6:38 em

    Packningslistor ja.... det är bra håller förståndet i schack även om min man påstår att mina packlistor gör honom galen......
    Trevlig resa :-)