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torsdag, juli 03, 2008

Birdbag and more

I proudly present. The Birdbag. These pictures only show of one side of the bag, but there is actually two birds on the other side. The birds are stitched using wool, silk and linnenyarns on broadcloth. The lining is the Leciens fabric I have been on and on about for-ever. The sides and strap is made out of handwoven herringbonetwill by textileartist Mai Ohlson, whose studio was put down two years ago due to old age. I LOVE her fabrics!

And I must say - I am quite satisfied with the bag.

Some pictures from a hike this past sunday, in Näshulta. There had been a forestfire some weeks before, and we went there to have a look. It was fascinating to see what fire does, red or bright orange marks on rocks where there had been lichen, whole root systems exposed underneath trees where the soil chared.

This tuesday we left for Djurmo in Gagnef, Dalarna to visit Bs father and family. We have had some calm and pleasant days. Yesterday we went to Bingsjöstämman in Bingsjö. In short that is Swedens largest Folkmusic meet and attract about 12 000 participants and spectators. Valdar stayed at his grandfathers and we had a lovely time! Meeting old friends, listening to great music, less great music and enjoying the summers eve.

This was my first visit to Bingsjö, but it was also my first meet without any instrument. A very strange feeling.

Just before we sat in there car and drove back.

Today we went to Wålstedts spinning mill. Not only do the sell great yarns. They also sell dyed wool ...

And STRAWBERRIES! We have spent this evening cooking strawberryjam; with orange and lemonzest. A great combination I can tell you ...

Tomorrow we will go to Leksand and the "Krona och krans"-exhibition. The exhibition is about weddingtraditions and is built and made by the craft consultants of Sweden. And maybe we will stop by Adelborgmuseet in Gagnef and have a look at the summerexhibtion; "Min dröm om Hemslöjd" (something like "My dream of tradtional crafts" or "My dream of the Sloyd movement").

Now, I will have to go to sleep. I am looking forward to tasting the jam tomorrow.

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  1. Väskan är jättefin! Jag kan förstå att du verkligen är nöjd med den:)

  2. Vilken ursnygg väska! Åh, vad jag gillar fåglarna - de ser ut att flytta omkring på tyget som riktigt magiska små kreatur. :)