Från Zickermans värld

söndag, juli 06, 2008

Back home

The trip back went well. Valdar spent the last hour and a half asking if we were home soon (every other minute). I do know the feeling.

We stopped by the Adelborgsmuseum in Gagnef before we went, what a great museum! Even if you not happen to be a lace-person you will enjoy it. Promise. I´ll you more about the exhibitions another day. Right now I will leave you for a cup of tea and some freshly baked bread. And something to watch! Mr Bill Bailey - seen on Black Books if not elsewhere - with his suggestion for a new very Portishead-ish national anthem.

EDIT: Well, and the UFO is finished. It is time to block :-)

1 kommentar:

  1. So glad u´ve found the true British treasures, Dylan Moran and Bill Bailey. I just wonder how Swedish TV has managed to buy in every f-ing series they´ve made across the(big AND small) water, but completely skipped Black Books! I´m outraged!
    And by the way, what is this UFO you keep mentioning???