Från Zickermans värld

torsdag, juli 17, 2008

So. Just wanted to say hi! I am working alot at the moment, and have no or little computer-time since I try to spend some time with B and V every day, before V goes to sleep, and then I am just to tired to knit or write. It is great fun - working - but I am tired when I get home, and I certainly look forward to my sunday off.

But I have attended a knittingrelated activity. This past weekend Karin arranged a stitch´n bitch with yarnswap. I really enjoyed getting together and knitting! Since I forgot to bring my camera - visit Marika, Maria, ToveB or Sanna who brought theirs.

I have to get a picture of darling Lionel and his pinwheel blanket. The blanket is not that big, but neither is L. I am in love. Here is a link to the pattern.

I have started knitting up some of my 2 ply homedyed, homespun finull from Åddebo. Currently I am knitting a feather and fan pattern, but it does not work. Rip rip rip. Any ideas? I am thinking a kind of rough scarf. Garter stitch perhaps?

Time to sleep now. Work tomorrow. Do stop by! (At Nybrogatan)

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  1. Anonym4:09 em

    Ibland är det enklaste det vackraste. :-)

  2. Trevligt att ni öppnat nytt i stan!
    Angående sjalen....jag gillar rätstickning med omslag och släppta omslag mellan varven..det blir lite roligare att sticka och inte så kompakt.