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torsdag, juli 10, 2008

A mosaic of inspiration

1. sweetest sleep, 2. Little-Wren-A-STORE, 3. Leafwares, 4. liina, 5. Bird Nest & Mom's Eggs 2005, 6. Book Bag Detail (C365: Day 8), 7. 22//52, 8. IMG_8696, 9. Happy Cloud 2, 10. Three Snow Walkers, 11. ♥ bird, 12. Paper cutting, 13. The so soft little sheep, 14. in the studio, 15. Clutching at Straws, 16. silly peepers Mr. Owl, 17. Untitled, 18. archipelago, 19. Felt Love Birds, 20. .., 21. Summer Flowers Pintail, 22. Steel wire bowls, 23. Michael LaFosse Origami North American Cardinal, 24. Untitled, 25. little lilly, 26. I love this lil guy, 27. Sweden, 28. Mini Owl Mama, 29. Birds and Owls, 30. red-winged blackbird

Endless inspiration! Colours, structures, shapes and expressions.

V and B left for Grimslätt the other day. I worked at Fryshuset's (click here for an english translation) "Sommararena" yesterday, and will work this weekend. But today, I am at home, alone - trying to get rid of my summercold and awaiting the perfect moment to do the dishes. For sure it will appear any moment now? Otherwise I will take out the knitting basket in a while. Or maybe the wheel, or the sewingmachine.

Fryshuset is a very special place, and I love the fact that we are able to have craftworkshops there all summer! Hopefully the collaboration might continue this autumn. Yesterday's theme was felt. Next wednesday the theme will be steel-wire, later this summer embroidery. The workshop is held as an open workshop where the participants comes and goes as they choose for three hours - we supply material, models, books and tools. And instrucitions of course. It is a open-ended way of working and a good way to begin. Have you been involved in open forms of craftworkshops? In which context?

One issue, often discussed is the one of age. Is it a good or a bad thing to work with certain age-groups? Or is it best with mixed groups? Mixed groups gives people a larger opportunity to get new approaches, inspiration and a new insights of people outside their own age och social group. On the other hand such an arrangement demands openness and consideration of the instructors and participants. Something that always is and should be demanded of the instructors, but can it be so of the participants? Maybe.

All I know for certain is that I think it is tremendously important in this day and time - not only to give people the opportunity to meet materials, techniques, traditions and one owns creativity; make things with ones hands, but also to meet all kinds of people - in a context where the common ground and perhaps the only common ground is the wish to learn and create.

The moment has come. Time to do the dishes.

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