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måndag, juni 23, 2008

Fire and redecoration

We´ve had some day today! In short: an appartment in our house caught fire and Valdar and B was at home. Although this appartment was on the first floor and we live at the.. eighth they had to try to get outside - without using the elevator. When the reached the second floor the fire department smashed in the door of the burning apartment and they got caught while the smoke and extremely hot air got out into the stairs. Luckily they got out and were taken care of by the nurses in the ambulance and after beeing given some oxygen they went to the hospital.

They are both alright. V got a monkey in fire men´s gear from the fire men and he (the monkey) has been putting out fires at our kitchen table this afternoon.

I don´t think that V got time to get scared. But I sure did. We are back in the flat and to my knowledge no body was hurt in the fire.

Valdar is sleeping in his bed, B is sitting in the chair reading and I am on the couch. All is well.

Oh, and I changed the apparance of the blog a bit. Hope you like it.

7 kommentarer:

  1. That sounds really scary! I'm glad they're alright! Big hugs to all of you from me!

  2. Anonym9:39 fm

    It's so good to hear you are all well. Fires are so scary. /Matilda

  3. Frightening. Our neighbour's house burned down a few years back and we had to evacuate in the middle of the night. It was a very sobering experience. Glad yours are none the worse for it.

  4. Anonym10:35 em

    Oj! Läskigt, särskilt i ett så högt hus. Bra att ni mår bra och att det inte verkade som någon annan skadades. :-)

  5. I'm so glad the fire was put out quickly. I was sitting here in my little study in Sydney with my hand over my mouth as I read about it.

    I can't get over the fact that you spin flax, plus so many other truly amazing crafts and arts. The pictures in the last post took my breath away, you are quite right.

    It is very inspiring to me that you tried "everything that you thought was hard" in spinning.

    I'm curious about the birdhandbag.

    P.S. I love the new blog look too.

  6. Anonym11:02 em

    Men fy vad läskigt! Tur att allt gick bra till slut. Hur går det med pippiväskan?

  7. Puh! Vilken rysare!!
    Trevligare verkar det med sommarkursen. Hörde av Heléne att du planerar kurser till hösten. Håll mig informerad! 6/7 åker jag till Sätergläntan för en veckas kurs med BM Christoffersson. Längtar!
    Stort LYCKA TILL med jobberbjudande!