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fredag, oktober 17, 2008

Jam and links

1,5 kg of apples - peel and cut in slices
about 500 g of crude sugar - unless you will freeze the jam
3 teaspoons of pestled cardemom
the juice of two lemons
1 dl of water

Pour the water into a saucepan and add the apples as they are peeled and sliced. Add the lemonjuice and put the heat on. Bring the water and apples to a boil as you add the cardemom and sugar. Continue to let the apples simmer as you stir. As the apples get softer you decide how chunky this jam will be - I like it quite chunky. After about 15 minutes, as the jam sets you turn the heat off an let it rest.

Put the clean glass jars in the oven at 100 degrees celsius for about 15 minutes. Put the lids in boiling water. Pour the jam into the cans and - if it is a can with a loose lid put the can upside down while the jam cools down - this way the preasure builds up in the can and makes the jam lat longer.


I used Åkerö and Melon-apples but Signe tilisch or Gravensteiner will do aswell - as long as it is a apple on the sour-side.

And some links, some of them in swedish:
asfaltsblomman - the guide to eniviromentally friendly and fairtrade shopping and living
A new issue of Lines & Shapes-magazine "Ljus"- featuring great swedish artists and artisans.
Anjah and Ardalanish- an exciting collaboration
Ekovaruhuset: Lovely shop in Stocholm, New York and soon Paris. I would LOVE to shop there - if they made clothes in my size...

Have a nice friday!

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  1. Gu´så smaskigt!
    Och Vamlingbolaget är min hovleverantör...önskar bara att de hade fler stora stl i affären. MNätet finns ju, men man vill ju gärna prova...