Från Zickermans värld

lördag, augusti 08, 2009


It feels as if we have been away for a very long time, but in fact it is only a couple of weeks.

There has been long summerevenings, days of rain and reading, meeting friends and hunting for old windows. This past week has been as summery-perfect as you could ever ask for. Sunny, warm, just windy enough to make a nap in the hammock in the shadow perfect and not to cold. I have been reading wast amounts of books, knitting and acutally finishing a beautiful woollen sweater for Little V. The pattern is called "Trolludden" and is designed by my dear friend Sara Toreld over at The yarn is out of the fleece we sheared last autumn, that is a great feeling and a truly gorgeous yarn. Soft and shiny, and a lovely knit!

Yesterday I finished the sweater and Little V ran of when he tried it on, before I even had time to secure all the threads. He sat in the hammock for a long time and seemed to enjoy himself.

Sad enough I was not able to teach at Stickstämman as I had planned. Apparently I catched a gastric catarrh and I still don´t feel quite well. No coffee or stress and hardly no standing up for me for some time.

I am planning to spend this next three weeks of summer by working a couple of days and hours now and then, planning short and longer adventures and by finishing up some new Grimslätt patterns.

For those of you who bought the Grimslätt mitten kit: as pointed out by one of you there was an error in the chart! I was to blind staring at the pattern, and did not realize that the error was right in front of me, but on the chart. I hope that you have been able to finish your mittens, and if you have not - I will fix the pdf and mail it to you. Thank you Mia, for noticing!

How have you been? I have some pics to show you, but you will have to wait.
Take care!

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  1. Låter segt med maggrejjen, krya på dig!

  2. Det gick ju bra iaf! Dom är så fina! Kommer det mer läckert ur din kreativitet snart?

  3. toveb9:58 em

    Welcome back! I've missed you.