Från Zickermans värld

måndag, oktober 19, 2009


It seems as though Little V has caught something. He fell asleep before finishing his dinner and did not even wan't to eat an apple. That is something. Little V <3 apples.

B is at a parentmeeting and they are preparing the Lanternfestival, which will be celebrated in a couple of weeks by making lanterns Here is my entry on making the lantern last year. I just spoke to B and he told med he cut out a stag in the lantern. Can´t wait to see it!
It is awonderful festive efternoon - eating grilled apples, drinking hot soup and awaiting the dusk to come. Then, see all the wonderful paperlanterns being lit and following the singing children on their walk through the alotmentarea at södermalm in Stockholm. I love it.

I have been browsing around some favourite blogs and stumbled on a couple of really nice ones, of which some are new to me.
How we say hello
at hanna
le train fantôme
angry chicken

Have a nice monday evening. I am planning on making even more tea and then knit another cowl. My favourite thing to knit and wear this fall. Working on two at the moment, one in lace and one in lovely garterstitch - using some off my tweedstash..

Oh, and I found this teatowel over at the Design Museum Shop.
I just love EVERYTHING Mr Ryan creates.


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