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söndag, mars 29, 2009

Rough lace, owls and Rosemary.

A while ago I wrote about flowerpots by Anna Broström. Maybe you also heard about our owl-ceramics? Last sunday I spotted a owl-flowerpot at Designtorget and here it is! Owls and Rosemary!
We love her owls and I hope to find some more owls. They fit in great with our 1940 and 1950´s flowerpots and porcelain.

More owls, a bird mug thrifted last autumn - Little V´s favourite and a beautiful faience bowl made in Stig Lindberg's studio at Gustavsberg. The flowerpots in the back are from Steneby and Upsala-Ekeby, made in the 1940´s. And yes, I collect flowerpots.

Yesterday I finished my Trellis scarf! Yay! Blocked it and left it to dry and block over night. I really like the way it turned out. Lace-y enough, soft, warm and yellowish/green. Just the thing to brighten my grey and/or black coats.

Trellis scarf
Pattern by Evelyn A Clark, pattern source IK Spring 2006.
Needles: 5 mm
Yarn: Gotlandsull from Fjällbete

After casting off, there was about 20 cm left of the yarn... Skill? Luck?

Time to update the Skogsbo-blog. Trip to Ikea anyone? I really need to go there, but don't seem to find the time. Or the interest.

And, speaking of Owls! How I would LOVE the Owls-sweater!

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  1. Fina ugglor!

    Jag var på Ikea ifredags, synd...
    Men behöver åka dit igen. Kanske efter påsk?

  2. Å så mycket fint!