Från Zickermans värld

fredag, mars 27, 2009

So, it is snowing outside. Again. I am tired. Tired of being tired, but on the other hand - happy about getting better and better. However, this is a not-so-good-day and I had almost forgot about them. Instead of being frustrated about not having the energy to clean, sew and work today I should have curled up in the sofa several hours ago. Maybe knitting, maybe having a cup of tea and planning next week at Skogsbo and being happy about getting better. Today reminded me.

Concering knitting. I am still working on my Trellis scarf. I still love how the shawl is coming along. Love the pattern, the yarn and can't wait to wear it. Some weeks ago I went through all my WIPs, frogged some and found some I had forgot. Now, they are all sorted - laying in individual bags i a huge Ghanan basket waiting to be FOs. And some day I think they will. I am looking forward to some tvåändsstickning and some inspiration.

I also ordered some new knitting books earlier today - haven't done that in a while but I realised that "A fine fleece" and "Knitted Lace of Estonia" is just what I need!

A couple of days ago Easter arrived at Afroart and it did in a very colourful and inspiring way - just look at these! I tell you; several have moved in at Skebokvarnsvägen 324!

Have a nice evening. Time for tea.

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  1. Påsk är vår och visst är det underbart att ljuset kommer tillbaka! En dag i taget, vårtecken och lite ny sticklitteratur, bra medela att pigga upp vardagen med! Ta hand om dig, kram Susanne