Från Zickermans värld

fredag, mars 13, 2009

Yet another week

This week, winter returned to Stockholm. Some of us (Little V) highly enjoys this, some of us don't. Monday, I had cup of coffee outside at Skogsbo, sitting at the stairs - listening to the birds and the silence. When I arrived there tuesday morning it was like arriving in a christmas card.

I also wanted to show you some random pictures from this past week at Skogsbo; weaving-, upholstery- and paintingcircles and the sleeping herbgarden . A ordinary Tuesday at Skogsbo - I will launch the blog soon. This weekend!

Yesterday I went to the opening of a very exciting collaboration between swedish and slovakian craftspeople called "Sloverige" at Svensk Slöjd. Andrea Filová told us about her beautiful perforated and painted eggs - who are a part of this exhibition which will travel Sweden and Slovakia. Showing the similarities in traditions and tecnique, rather than the differences. It is well worth a visit! The pictures are taken from the Svensk Slöjd website!

Eggs by Andrea Filová and wooden birds by Miloslav Jaros.

I also FINALLY met Frida Engström, the author of design/slöjd/craftblog "Kurbits". She is also one the editors of Tidskriften Hemslöjden.

Nest week I will finally get along to see a very interesting exhibition at Nordiska Museet: Fair fashion?. Every wednesdayevening there is a debate on sustainable fashion at the museum, see you there this upcoming wednesday? I'll be there.

Valdar has bulit some WONDERFUL robots this past week - and I asked him if I could show the to you. And I could; may I present - Little V and the Robots!

I just LOVE them, and him of course!

So, what else? I am still knitting at my Trellis scarf, and since the pattern will not show properly until finished and blocked I don't have any pictures for you. What I do have is BEAUTIFUL pics of blankets from The Great English Outdoors. All these wonderful blankets and woven loveliness comes from their website, where you also can purchase them... *sigh*

Pictures, Tapestries and Blankets from The Great English Outdoor.

If you are in Sweden, I do hope that you have not missed out on the premiere episode on one of the best tv-programme on SVT for a long time ... "Från trädgård till tallrik" or "From the Garden to the Table: Growing, Cooking, and Eating Your Own Food ".

Finally some great music;
Jenny Wilson and the equally talented Yael Naim - especially love the line "How can you stay outside - there is a beautiful mess inside" from the song "Far far".

Have a great weekend!

EDIT: Frida just put up a video of Andrea Filová over at Kurbits!

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  1. Vilket underbart jobb du har!!!
    Måste komma och se nån gång!
    V:s robotar regerar!!!

  2. Anonym8:43 fm

    Vilken underbar arbetsplats du har! Jättevackert!