Från Zickermans värld

torsdag, mars 06, 2008


A picture from this Saturday, I really liked the combinations of colours. Light blues and red are colours I often return to; in planning of projects, in sketches, in things I immediately react positive to.

OH God I am bored. You know that space of time between when you are sick and well? I am there. Not yet fit to go about my normal every-day-life, but still - so bored. Lucky for me, Elle Intertiör arrived today. This is a new subscription to me, and I am still surprised everytime the magazine appears. In this issues "Right now" (just nu) -spot the magazine covers a favourite shop of mine of which I written before - morkarin. This is a shop at Tegnérgatan in the central parts of Stockholm, selling indie items and more. The article also mentions The Small Object, one of my personal favourites.

Time for pasta, and then some more knitting.

Sofia Karlsson - great musician! Went to her concert this Tuesday at Rival in Stockholm - despite my sinusitis. I suppose she might not remember, but we used to sing together at Skeppis "Visstuga" - sort of a folk song-lounge almost every sunday about twelve years ago. If you´re not yet familiar with her music and enjoys Dan Andersson, swedish visa/folk tradtion, do visit her website.

My Folk lover Etsy store Great artwork!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hmm.. ingen Elle i min brevlåda. Får hoppas den kommer i morgon. Ingen post alls till mig, fast jag väntar på två roliga paket. Typiskt!

  2. Verkligen vackra färger! Så roligt att hitta din blogg, har aldrig läst den förut.
    Hoppas att du är helt frisk nu.

  3. Roligt att du är på bättringsvägen!
    Färger är något som jag tänder på oxå. Av nån anledning mår jag illa av lila..sätter det i samband med den flytande äckliga penicillingeggamoja jag fick 1958 på epidemisjukhuset.