Från Zickermans värld

söndag, mars 09, 2008


After a short visit at Nysta yesterday me and Satoko ran some arrends, had some lunch and went for a walk through Södermalm. As we passed these two houses I fell for the wonderful combination of colours.

The late daylight has a very special impact on these limewashed jugend houses, I noticed the same effect in Helsinki. It might the "Baltic Sea-effect"..

If anyone, and I say anyone, has a flat to spare around in one of these houses we are more than happy to take care of it for several years. Promise. I am quite good with tile stoves.

After a quick stop a Nysta - in which I managed both having a chat with Karin AND avoiding to buy any more yarn we went to the japanse shops to make some grocery shopping and then we ended up at morkarin.

Here is a picture of the article in Elle Interiör I mentioned the other day.

And this is some great news! They sell prints by Camilla Engman! I mentioned her prints to them a month or so ago, and now they are available in the shop. Great gifts, if you have got them for yourself...

One of the things I am looking forward to this spring is defintly the exhibition of the exciting collaboration between Camilla Engman and Karin Eriksson in late may at Överjärva Gård. Although I will go to Överjärva next sunday. Time for Eastemarket! I am excited about the newliy opened craft/design shop manos and to see talented craft by my dear friends over at Hand & Tanke (Hand and Thought).

And here´s a finishing pictures from morkarin.
I bought some stamps by The Small Object.
They make me immensly happy. Valdar loves them too.

This afternoon I went to Ikea, hoping to buy some fabric to make cushions for our lillberg rockning chair - no luck. I ended up buying plants, candles, a chunk of parmesan and a picturefram to frame a lovely print by Stina Wirsén. This is another of her prints I got hold of some weeks ago. You have not missed the Stina Wirsén stampcollection? I think I will frame mine.

Todays inspiration comes from making beadnecklaces with Valdar, reading Fine Little Day and planning a tweedie-project. Soon to be revealed.

Have a nice week!

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  1. Överjärva gård på söndag?;)
    Jag har inte varit där än...