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tisdag, mars 18, 2008

The weekend in short

Tuesday already! Thought I´d begin by showing you some pictures from this weekend.

Saturday. I went to Slöjdhuset (The Sloyd/Crafthouse) and attended a papercuttingclass, held by artist Agneta Flock. The papercut on the top was made by a very talented woman attending the class.. The next three pictures shows the papercuts made by me, Satoko and another friend and shows some of the exercises we went through: a tree, different kinds of trees, hearts with things growing out of them and so on.

I really enjoy papercutting and it is something I have devoted some time over the past eight years. I think I will spend even more time cutting now, as I have noticed Valdar really enjoy playing around cutting shapes in left over pieces of paper and cardboard.

Nikki McClure
Tord Boontje
Peter Callesen
Robert Ryan

Sunday we went to Överjärva gård to visit this years eastermarket. Of course I visited Karin Erikssons newly opened shop manos, where we are not only able to purchase Karins wonderful ceramics, but also other carefully selected items from artists and crafters like Port 2 Port Press, Camilla Engman and Processor among others. It is a great shop, a welcoming atmosphere and I will return - at the launch of this if not sooner.

Afterwards we visited the market, bought some freshly baked walnut/olivebread, caramel almonds (or is it candied), had some tea in the and visited the baby lambs. Valdar, of course, vistied his favourite tractor. This time, hiding (resting?) beneath a blanket. We also past by Eva and Nicke - admired their items: handwoven doubleweaved rug rags, steelwire baskets and handcarved birds.

More pictures form this weekends various adventures at flickr.

Yesterday we entered a three day intensive woodturningclass. I thoroughly enjoy it, although I have to admit I am not completly relaxed around machines that size. And I do enjoy fairly quite forms of crafting. Our teacher, Åke Landström is vastly competent- both at his craft and as a teacher. Should you ever get the chance to take one of his classes, you really should. Tomorrow I hope to make a nystpinne. And maybe a small spin (snurra helt enkelt). Keep your fingers crossed for me, hopefully I will be able to show you some kind of result.

On the needles:
Finally I have decided what to make from the lovely Noro Silk Garden I bought about two years ago. It will be a Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole - pattern by Kathleen Power Johnson from Scarf Style. This far, I enjoy it. I think that this will be my easterknitting. I am in a very impatient mood that goes well with the possibility of making one square, seeing the result and then decided whether I want to make one more.

Now, time for tea and som blogreading.

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  1. Vilka vackra pappersklippningar ni gjorde! Djupt imponerad