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onsdag, mars 05, 2008


My spot
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Thought I´d show you where I often sit when I update the blog, and where I spent the last four days - recovering, resting, knitting, and listening to music or radio.

The pillowcase comes from Afroart. It was woven in Nigeria. I simply love large striped pillows. The striped thingie on the table is the -soon-to-be-sock I wrote about yesterday,

It is time for bed. We´ll see about tomorrow. I am bored. I want to go to school.

I have an idea, or actually more of a wish. Since I am a very curious person, I really would like see where you sit when you search the internet, update your blog och simply where you sit down and rest, knit or write. Show me that or those corners of your home. If you want to that is. You could also invite me for tea - as soon as I am well.


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  1. Anonym3:56 em

    You're always welcome for tea and cakes. But you know that. :-)