Från Zickermans värld

måndag, april 14, 2008

Home again.

I got home from Eskilstuna this afternoon. I had a wonderful time; long walks, a workshop with textileartist Pasi Välimaa at the library in Kumla this Saturday, time to knit at my degreeproject, to sketch and to attend a quiltmeet at Haneberg. I dived into Evas scraps, stripes and threads and made something, quilted it by hand and made a cover/cozy for my PC. I think I caught the bug. The quilt and patchworkbug. Perhaps it was always there, but I sure have seizure at the moment.

I will post some pictures from the workshop later.

Valdar got me some flowers when I was away.

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  1. Vilka härliga färger på ditt datorfodral - skitsnyggt!