Från Zickermans värld

måndag, april 07, 2008

Tired and happy!

What a day! I started by spending the morning at Skansens klädkammare. It is sort of an open collection - not a museum - where they not only keep clothes from different timeperiods and areas to show and keep traditions and tecniques, but they also use some of the items in the different farmsteads and scenes in the Openair museum. So, if you wish study some part of this collection - be it a certain tecnique or a certain garment you can apply to do so. I studied everyday knitted garments. The pictures above shows of to of my new friends from today. The one on top is a coat knitted in one of the most traditional Binge patterns. The next picture shows a detail from a 1940´s cardigan. Plain and very beautiful.

After lunch it occured to me that the had a Fabricsale at Klädkammaren. So I stayed. And bought some fabrics. Mostly scraps and small pieces but also larger pieces. Perhaps I will show you some of them tomorrow!

And then, this evening I attended the annual meeting of Stockholms Läns Hemslöjdsförening and received a grant! I will use this grant to develope a set of classes on different craft-tecniques. I am honoured and very happy about this encouragement!

I hope you had a nice monday!

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  1. Grattis!
    Vad blir det för kurser?

  2. Tack! Vi får se - är inte färdigtänkt ännu.