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onsdag, februari 27, 2008


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These arrived today! Two GREAT books on crochet by Maria Gullberg and one by Elizabeth Zimmerman. So, I guess I don't have any excuse for not knitting the Tomten-jacket for Valdar.

As the two previous days, I really enjoy my week at Afroart. I am the MASTER of folding gorgeous quilts from Bangladesh. I want one. I want one in each colour. That makes ... eight.

There was another parcel arriving in the mail today. the Hairy Lady towel by Camilla Engman, Lovely. I will frame it.

TACK Camilla. (Om du av någon anledning skulle se detta :-) )

I also received the wonderful news that me and B are going to a concert next week. It is the wonderful Sofia Karlsson at Rival.

Looking forward to this weekends knitting-related-events: The textilefair - Syfestivalen - and the "Knit Out" at the Museum of Stockholm. And all in one day! This will require a great deal of logistics. The knitting-bag has to include at least one bottle of water, two wips, lunch, camera, sketchbook and well, money - should I find something...

Tjilevippen, as Nils Karlsson Pyssling aka Simon Small says.

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  1. Då ses vi på Syfestivalen - jag står i montern nästan hela lördagen och halva söndagen. Vilken tur att flunsan har gett med sig (passade på på sportlovet, lojal arbetstagare som jag är).