Från Zickermans värld

söndag, februari 24, 2008

Still tired

It is no more exciting than a cold. I inherited one. So, I mostly spent this weekend in my bed - reading, sleeping, knitting and reading to Valdar. Tomorrow I will start as a trainee at one of my favourite shops in Stockholm: Afro Art. I will also appear as a guest-blogger at Kravallslöjd next week, starting tomorrow. Kravallslöjd translates into something like "Riotsloyd" or "Riothandi-craft". It will be in Swedish, but I might translate bits and pieces into english and put it up here. It will be a inspiring and interesting week! My cold sadly compelled me to miss both a long wished-for birthday and a gettogether with the Spinning Guild in Uppsala.

And some pictures.

I am SO happy about this yarn! Bought it from the owner of Herrviks Gård at the Woolday last weekend. The yarn is spun i Estonia from the pälsfår and finullsfår they own, but the farm is situated about 100km from where we live.
Hopefully the dark brown one will turn into a faroe-shawl in a while. I have been searching for the Perfect Yarn. This just might be it.

This is a close up of one of my WIPs. A shawl knitted from single ply yarn from Grimslättgård - frequently blogged here! Hopefully I will be able to present some kind of pattern in a while. I am trying to unravel the copyrights concering this technique.

My still feverish, but always happy, Valdar.

Time to have some tea again. Bought some LOVELY jewelery this Friday. I have to show you all soon. I am looking for the perfect sockpattern - any suggestions? Two balls of Kaffe Fassett Regia and one ball of Opal - one pattern each please, socks for me :-). Maybe I finally got the sockbug? Finished a pair of socks for Valdar today and I think I actually like it (she said, quite surprised)!

Do check out Rob Ryan and his WONDERFUL prints, found him through Camilla Engman. And, if you need any inspiration regarding pathwork - Rosa Pomar is always a goog place to start.

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  1. Anonym9:48 em

    for socks and stockings my vote goes for cookie at, i want them all!

    krya på dig vännen, vi saknade dig idag :-)


  2. Krya på dig och lycka till med praktiken! Din bok är här nu;)
    Du kanske vill komma förbi och hämta den någon dag under veckan?