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fredag, februari 01, 2008

New Years-eve. Anna, Valdar, Björn and Liam.

Good news! Finally I seem to have solved my computerproblems – I have inherited a portable pc, less than one year old. Happy happy, joy joy. It has been to long. New year and everything! We've moved to a new -larger– flat in the outskirts of town on the first of December last year and have almost settled in. And I acutally and finally got room for a small working space and my LOOM!

Quite crappy photo taken when we got up some of the shelfs.

On the needles: Hourglass sweater by Joelle Hoverson from the book ”Last-minute knitted gifts”
Yarn: Araucania Nature Wool (700g)
Yarnsource: Nysta
Dyelot: VA09
Needles: 4mm

In the loom: Scarfs! 4 shafts herringbone twill
Yarn: Yllets 2 tr lightgrey for warp and a charcoal/purple for weft

Last week I went to Helsinki with my dear friend Anna. We spent two nights at sea and one day in Helsinki. Since I have never been there, properly, I was happy to receive a small manual to Helsinki from Tove. Our first stop was at the Taito Shop – and I had my first encounter with loverly finnish yarn Pirkka-lanka. Love at first sight. At least for me. Then we went to the Iittala shop and one of the Marimekkoshops, had a ”fika” (coffee and pasteries) at Café Strindberg, Artek and lovely bookshop ”Hobboks” at Högbergsgatan – where I found another book by Joelle Hoverson. We went for a walk to antoher yarnshop, serveral small shops with great finnish design and then off course Stockmanns, where I found Spin-off magazine, which isn't avaliable in shops i Sweden. On our way back to the boat we went by the Taito shop again and I bought some yarn.. Me and Björn have decided to go back together later this spring. Maybe we stay a night in Helsinki as well, I really enjoyed my visit but it was to short! If you know something we shouldn't miss – please leave a comment. We will try to visit the Arabia/Iittala outlet and some museums.

The week before our trip to Finland me and my class went to Sätergläntan to have a three day knittingclass with wonderful Karin Kahlund. And I finally got the hang of tvåändsstickning – two-end knitting. As a friend of mine said before I went: ”When I grow up I want to become Karin”. We also hade time for a short visit to Leksand – both the Hemslöjdenshop and the museum where there was a wonderful exhibition showing a collection of traditional textiles from Pakistan. I'll try to get up some photos later!

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  1. Kul att du är tillbaka! Har tittat in ibland och undrat var du tagit vägen.

  2. Sounds like you had a great time in Helsinki. It's also on my want-to go list. I actually know more about Tampere, another Finnish town where my mother grew up. But to Helsinki I've been too little.

    Cool that you have a computer and can blog again!

  3. Glad to have you back! I think I have to take a trip to helsinki too...