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fredag, februari 08, 2008

A small update!

I went to school as usual, attending a great lecture on the history of Basketry by Jonas Hasselrot. A follow-up to the basketryworkshop he held last term. Inspiring as usual!

Enoying the silence and calm at home. Drinking large amounts of tea, knitting at my Hourglass sweater, listening to older the Creative Mom Podcast. In a while I am off to the Stockholm Furniture Fair. Meanwhile; I am browsing Ravelry, flickr and various blogs for inspiration. Also, need to get a new sketchbook. Noticed that Me & I got up their springcollection.

This Weekend ...
Time to celebrate Katarina tomorrow! Maybe I'll go to Roslagsmuseet in Norrtälje first, attending the opening of the Roslagstextilier exhibition.

Found my way to Natascha Rosenberg today! Do visit her!

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  1. Roslagsmuseet låter intressant. Kanske ska jag också åka dit! Är Anne-Christins butik närheten?