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onsdag, februari 13, 2008

So! Today we made cards for St. Valentines day at Slöjdhuset! Fourteen children. They made cards and pencils. Cards from paper, wool, broadcloth and more paper and pencils from fresh twigs - given we have No Snow At All in Stockholm -perhaps due to global warming.

I really look forward to every wednesday at Slöjdhuset. Love the way the children immidiately gets to work, how they encourage eachother and the discussions. Today we talked about God, the swedish Royal family, the spanishlessons at school, footballpractise and whether you should write your name at the Valentine-card or keep it a secret.

These are some of the cards I made. I thought about showing you the sketches I wrote about, but I am just to tired to fix that today.

Comicstrip by one of my favourite illustrators Nina Hemmingsson.

Woolly heart. A classical Lord Byron poem: "She walks in beauty like the night..." Made another one with a poem by Karin Boye, a personal favourite.

A piece of Morris-pattern and one of my terriers cut in the front.

I really enjoyed making cards! I liked used the sewingmachine and paper. As always it is my happiest moment when I get to work in mixed medias.. paper and textile, wool and paper, paper and thread.

More books on my wishlist!
Simple Sewing by Lotta Jansdotter. Found her webpage with ALOT of desireable things via Shash at Mecozy. Lotta Jansdotter is soon to release a book on printing fabric. I am excited!

I actually knitted a couple of rows today at my third Lace leaf scarf. I will TRY to finish this before I start my next laceproject - the one i pirrka-lanka I blogged about the other day. Guess I've got the startitusbug aswell...

Now, I will have a cup of tea and some of Björns freshly baked bread.

In my lunchbox tomorrow:
Baked salmon and wholegrain basmatirice, broccoli and onion fried with some soy and honey.

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