Från Zickermans värld

tisdag, februari 19, 2008

Tired tuesday!

Well, I guess that that says it all. I am quite happy but tired. Very tired. Yesterday I posted the final version of my paper. This means I am partly finished with my degree, in a couple of weeks I will start the concluding part of my degree project. I will tell you more about it in a while. I can tell you as much as it will be knitting related. And, I am very excited!

I got home just about an hour ago after a committee meeting with the Stockholm Handweavers. We are planning the annual meeting, with elections of new committee members and also practical stuff as how much the tickets to VÄV 08 in Leksand will cost. VÄV 08 is a large weavingfair held by the Swedish Weave council. We will also have an exhibition at Skansen in June showing the results of a six months long project. More information to come!

Now, time to sleep. Tomorrow we will hit the new Sápmi exhibition at Nordiska Museet. Lucky us!

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  1. Hm...stickanknytning! Se där en akademisk rapport som jag har lust att läsa!