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lördag, februari 02, 2008

I love it how parts of my hometown suddenly becomes more interesting, how they evolve and change. I have a couple of things to say about the area Sveavägen and Tegnérgatan in Vasastan, Stockholm. Earlier I primerally went there to visit one of my local yarnshops - Nysta.

Since Satoko opened my eyes for Japanska torget and the japanese bookstore I go there at least once a month to shop for tofu in various shapes, lovely salty sweet rice crackers, tea, sauces, soya, nori and now - FUDGE!

And you will to as they come in these lovely cuby thingies...

As I went there a couple of weeks ago I noticed a newly opened shop called "Mor Karin" (Mother Karin). And, as I walked inside I utterly and completely fell in love with almost everything in the shop! Have a look for yourself! Among other things, they sell stuff from "The small object" - which I love!

This is what followed me home after that first visit. A needlecase and a rubbestamp from "The small object" and a übercute japanse glassjar. I am thinking about keeping my favourite buttons in the jar. The jar, among other things in the shop, come from Shinzi Katoh. Lots of lovely things!

Here is a link to the glassware series.
I want it all!

I promised some pictures from Sätergläntan, the Artmuseum of Leksand and Helsinki. I also wanted to show you the start of my Hourglass sweater:

The colour is acutally slightly more greyish green and lighter than the picture show. Inside at night it looks more lite this though. Olive.

I really enjoy using the addi lace needles. Smooth and fast knit!

And here is the result, or part of the result, of a days shopping in Helsinki. I am really impressed with the finnish yarns. The colours aswell as the quality.

I am thinking about knitting a shawl from the skein on top - a charcoal/purple/brown 8/2 two ply yarn. Maybe "Enes scarf" from Pam Allens "Scarf style" or a modifyed swallowtail? The thicker yarn - or at least the light blue and the brown will be a sweater for Valdar. I am thinking ribbed and striped, with a fifties touche. It might change.

This is part of a quilt from the exhibition "Memory" at the Art museum of Leksand which I fell in love with.

I love the way it reminds me of papercuts and snowflakes! Love the small blue squares and the orange stripe further down. If this exhibition comes anywhere near you, you have to see it.


Well. That was that. I re-booted the new computer today and I think that we will get along just fine. For the first time in a month or so I was able to download some of the podcasts I listen to. We had a visit from Malin and Valdar and I baked cardemombuns. Tomorrow I have to spend some time weaving. Maybe start listening to an audiobook? I also hope for better weather! I really need to go for a walk...!

Have a nice sunday.
(if you want to see more pictures, have a look at flickr...)

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  1. I wish I had more time to go that part of Stockholm. (Not so far from me, but still...) I love the Japanese shops and Orkidéhuset - if it's still there. Oh, must take my time to go there soon. Mor Karin sounds really exciting.

    Btw, I'm about starting a hourglass sweater too soon. Mine will be in a variegated brounish/light brownish colour. Good luck with yours!

  2. Ja tänk va mycket det finns i storstan´! Man får väl göra ett studiebesök...

  3. Thank you for introducing me to morkarin, that is really a wonderful shop. I want everything.