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måndag, februari 04, 2008

WOHO! I just got a large order! 8 scarfes! Time to get warped...

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Becky from Vä She showed me her ingenius tie-up system. I am lost for words, again. Weaving will be much less complicated! I just want to go and buy more shafts to really try out the system...

There will be a new Glimåkra model out soon - it's a small two shafted loom and it's a pretty red thing - called Julia. According to Becky four or six shafts was not a problem. Exciting! I hope I will be able to try one in the near future.

Here is a link to a movie, introducing Julia. See also some of the other highly instructive movies.
Thank you all at for sharing!

Tomorrow I am off to Uppsala!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Anonym9:43 fm

    Hmmm, låter intressant! Jag ska studera hemsidan noga senare...
    Julia ser jättetrevlig ut. Knaske jag behöver en vävstol till?

  2. just to let you know, the Julia movie has moved. (the old location will still work, though not as neatly.) can you update your post? :)