Från Zickermans värld

torsdag, maj 17, 2007

Tabletweaving. Such a luxury! For three days we have taken a level 1 course in Tabletweaving by the wonderful Sonja Berlin. She wrote the great book "Brickvävning så in i Norden" on tabletweaving in 1994, and since then conitinued her research and development of the technique and material. So inspiring!

Thus far I´ve woven three bands over these three days. One in silk, thin as sewingthread - two in linen (16/2). I am planning on weaving words next.. the linenwarp is awaiting.

Tomorrow it is time for the annual knit-cruise. We leave for Åland in the morning and return to Stockholm at seven pm. So, now I will pack my knitting and sunglasses and go bed.

söndag, maj 13, 2007

So. Yesterday I had my birthday and a few friends came over to celebrate. Due to my current healthstatus we kept it small. Lots of wonderful gifts! Three skeins of silverygrey silky gorgeousness, one skein 1 ply gotlandicwool from organic farms, beutiful handcrafted candy, a ceramic sculpture by my friend Nati, a vintage wristwatch - made in 1949 ( LOVE IT!), Essence champagneglasses from iittala, a cute transistorradio for our bedroom, money for buying books (YEY!), lots of flowers, a very longed for cd by Sofia Karlsson and the very very very wonderful Fir Cone Shawl (link to Helenes blog and one of her pics) in which I will spend extensive parts of this sunday since I don´t feel to good at all. I also recevied two dinnerinvitions from dear, dear friends. Thank you ever so much! I also received three beams for my lovely loom - whish means she´s ready to get warped!

This picture of me and Valdar was taken by Katarina. Thank you :-)

lördag, maj 12, 2007

For several reasons I have been a bad bad blogger, partly because I have not been sure where to write. This is my first attempt to write in english, and I like the challenge. There will be a swedish blog aswell - for the moment at Well, this is all for now. I will move all my links and buttons from the old adress - soon. But now I shall enjoy the silence, and enjoy my brithday gift - A lovely Fir Cone shawl knitted by the wonderful Helene at "En till stickblog". I am so lucky to have a friend like her. Bliss.
Är det dags att flytta igen?