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onsdag, februari 27, 2008


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Well. I admit. I could not resist. This is Valdar trying to convince me he is not up to something.. Well. Go figure.


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These arrived today! Two GREAT books on crochet by Maria Gullberg and one by Elizabeth Zimmerman. So, I guess I don't have any excuse for not knitting the Tomten-jacket for Valdar.

As the two previous days, I really enjoy my week at Afroart. I am the MASTER of folding gorgeous quilts from Bangladesh. I want one. I want one in each colour. That makes ... eight.

There was another parcel arriving in the mail today. the Hairy Lady towel by Camilla Engman, Lovely. I will frame it.

TACK Camilla. (Om du av någon anledning skulle se detta :-) )

I also received the wonderful news that me and B are going to a concert next week. It is the wonderful Sofia Karlsson at Rival.

Looking forward to this weekends knitting-related-events: The textilefair - Syfestivalen - and the "Knit Out" at the Museum of Stockholm. And all in one day! This will require a great deal of logistics. The knitting-bag has to include at least one bottle of water, two wips, lunch, camera, sketchbook and well, money - should I find something...

Tjilevippen, as Nils Karlsson Pyssling aka Simon Small says.

tisdag, februari 26, 2008

Baskets from Ghana

Baskets from Ghana
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Day two of my trainee-week. Today I was at the Nybrogatan-shop in another part of town. A considerably large portion of my day was spent getting to know these GORGEOUS baskets from Ghana. I wish I coould do this every day, my feet are not convinced. They want me to buy better shoes first...

måndag, februari 25, 2008


Concering last nights tv-show. Of course there is always (at least) two sides to a story. I am looking forward to next weeks programme where they will continue the discussion.

Today I have spent my first day at Afroart. Love it. My feet hurts (like hell), but I LOVE it. Will spend the rest of my mondayevening in bed, knitting.

Have a nice week!

söndag, februari 24, 2008

Concering mulesing

Earlier this evening Kalla Fakta - "Cold Facts" a weekly inquiring journalism tvshow - featured a piece on Mulesing. If you have not heard of this horrible, sickening pratice concerning the merinosheep in Australia; maybe you shuld have a look. You are able to watch the programme at Kalla Faktas website or/and a spot on the news.

Still tired

It is no more exciting than a cold. I inherited one. So, I mostly spent this weekend in my bed - reading, sleeping, knitting and reading to Valdar. Tomorrow I will start as a trainee at one of my favourite shops in Stockholm: Afro Art. I will also appear as a guest-blogger at Kravallslöjd next week, starting tomorrow. Kravallslöjd translates into something like "Riotsloyd" or "Riothandi-craft". It will be in Swedish, but I might translate bits and pieces into english and put it up here. It will be a inspiring and interesting week! My cold sadly compelled me to miss both a long wished-for birthday and a gettogether with the Spinning Guild in Uppsala.

And some pictures.

I am SO happy about this yarn! Bought it from the owner of Herrviks Gård at the Woolday last weekend. The yarn is spun i Estonia from the pälsfår and finullsfår they own, but the farm is situated about 100km from where we live.
Hopefully the dark brown one will turn into a faroe-shawl in a while. I have been searching for the Perfect Yarn. This just might be it.

This is a close up of one of my WIPs. A shawl knitted from single ply yarn from Grimslättgård - frequently blogged here! Hopefully I will be able to present some kind of pattern in a while. I am trying to unravel the copyrights concering this technique.

My still feverish, but always happy, Valdar.

Time to have some tea again. Bought some LOVELY jewelery this Friday. I have to show you all soon. I am looking for the perfect sockpattern - any suggestions? Two balls of Kaffe Fassett Regia and one ball of Opal - one pattern each please, socks for me :-). Maybe I finally got the sockbug? Finished a pair of socks for Valdar today and I think I actually like it (she said, quite surprised)!

Do check out Rob Ryan and his WONDERFUL prints, found him through Camilla Engman. And, if you need any inspiration regarding pathwork - Rosa Pomar is always a goog place to start.

tisdag, februari 19, 2008

Tired tuesday!

Well, I guess that that says it all. I am quite happy but tired. Very tired. Yesterday I posted the final version of my paper. This means I am partly finished with my degree, in a couple of weeks I will start the concluding part of my degree project. I will tell you more about it in a while. I can tell you as much as it will be knitting related. And, I am very excited!

I got home just about an hour ago after a committee meeting with the Stockholm Handweavers. We are planning the annual meeting, with elections of new committee members and also practical stuff as how much the tickets to VÄV 08 in Leksand will cost. VÄV 08 is a large weavingfair held by the Swedish Weave council. We will also have an exhibition at Skansen in June showing the results of a six months long project. More information to come!

Now, time to sleep. Tomorrow we will hit the new Sápmi exhibition at Nordiska Museet. Lucky us!

fredag, februari 15, 2008

Todays inspiration!

Todays inspiration!
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It is friday, and I am tired. Oh so tired. Here's todays inspiration from Flickr.

I am going to have a cup of tea, a blanket and then probably fall asleep on the sofa. Today "Last-minute fabric gifts" arrived. So far, I like it. I am not jumping up and down, as with the other two. Not yet anyway.

Tomorrow we've arranged a wool-day for the Stockholm Handweavers - (Stockholms handvävare) I suppose you could call it a guild, or an association of guilds. Since one year I am part of the committee, and this is the first of two days with a wool-theme we have planned this far. Hopefully I will be able to show you some photos tomorrow. Before I get to fall asleep on the sofa, I should probably pack all my books on wool and fibers for tomorrow.

Have a nice friday!

On the wishlist:
A subscription to one of the best magazines EVER: Selvegde.

Take a look at ! This is one VERY talented woman,

onsdag, februari 13, 2008

So! Today we made cards for St. Valentines day at Slöjdhuset! Fourteen children. They made cards and pencils. Cards from paper, wool, broadcloth and more paper and pencils from fresh twigs - given we have No Snow At All in Stockholm -perhaps due to global warming.

I really look forward to every wednesday at Slöjdhuset. Love the way the children immidiately gets to work, how they encourage eachother and the discussions. Today we talked about God, the swedish Royal family, the spanishlessons at school, footballpractise and whether you should write your name at the Valentine-card or keep it a secret.

These are some of the cards I made. I thought about showing you the sketches I wrote about, but I am just to tired to fix that today.

Comicstrip by one of my favourite illustrators Nina Hemmingsson.

Woolly heart. A classical Lord Byron poem: "She walks in beauty like the night..." Made another one with a poem by Karin Boye, a personal favourite.

A piece of Morris-pattern and one of my terriers cut in the front.

I really enjoyed making cards! I liked used the sewingmachine and paper. As always it is my happiest moment when I get to work in mixed medias.. paper and textile, wool and paper, paper and thread.

More books on my wishlist!
Simple Sewing by Lotta Jansdotter. Found her webpage with ALOT of desireable things via Shash at Mecozy. Lotta Jansdotter is soon to release a book on printing fabric. I am excited!

I actually knitted a couple of rows today at my third Lace leaf scarf. I will TRY to finish this before I start my next laceproject - the one i pirrka-lanka I blogged about the other day. Guess I've got the startitusbug aswell...

Now, I will have a cup of tea and some of Björns freshly baked bread.

In my lunchbox tomorrow:
Baked salmon and wholegrain basmatirice, broccoli and onion fried with some soy and honey.

måndag, februari 11, 2008

Follow this link to see the original photos and the artists behind them!

Todays inspiration. I am really looking forward to the papercut workshop. I am also getting more and more convinced I not only need to spend some time exploring the art of patchwork, I also really need to make some stamps.. But how?

I am indulging in some new books:

"Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted gifts"
by Joelle Hoverson

I really really like this book. It is a beautiful book, lots and lots of inspiring projects, tips and also photos by the super-talented Anna Wiliams. There is several patterns that makes me want to get to sewing right away and I know I will try some of them.

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of another book from the same series: "Last-Minute Fabric Gifts".

"Om Konsten att Trycka tyg"
by Anna Häggblom

This is a swedish book, written in swedish about the art of textile printing.
Yet another modern, graphically winning book which manages to balance the content between inspiring views over classical prints, techniques and artists, such as Viola Gråsten, Marimekko, William Morris, Josef Frank and Astrid Sampe.
I have heard from others, much more experienced people that the author might make the reader think that the process of screen-printing is much easier than it really is. On the other hand, that might de-dramatize it all - and maybe beginners like myself will be less intimidated. But then again: these eager beginners may fail hopelessly, but isn't that always the challenge and the risk of trying and conquer new skills and techniques?

Anyhow, I am planning a tag - or rather a series of them depicting a fox, a terrier and an oakleaf. I really would like to print something on these tags - which will be made from broadcloth. I will put these on the tweedies - should anyone want one. And on the scarfs.

I will try to get some pictures up here - showing you some of my sketches. I could use your opinions.

This was a book I stumbled over this evening, over at author Amy Karols blog angry chicken.. Maybe next month...!

söndag, februari 10, 2008

Todays inspiring mosaic

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I am finally sitting in our new rocking-chair! The acutal rocking part of it all wasn´t really that exciting, but I am really enjoying to have a chair. Now I only have to sew a new cover for the cushions. Valdar is sleeping, B made some tea and I am going to knit a couple of rows on the laceshawl I am making from the finnish yarn. For now I am following the swallowtail-shawl pattern. Love the yarn and the pattern.

Found this wallpaper earlier, over at

Looking forward to...
The release of Amanda Soules "the Creative Family" over at Adlibris. I am standing in the virtual line as-we-speak.

Todays newly discovered blog! Visit her right away.


Blue sunday. Not as far as the mood concerns though! I am soon off to the subway and Heléne. But first, we will make a stop by IKEA and buy the remaining parts - nuts and bolts - for our Lillberg rocking-chair.

In the knittingbag:
"Hourglass sweater" - working my third skein now. I am changing the pattern somewhat - I do not want a sweater that feels uncomfortable because it is to short.

Sockor - Socks for Valdar in Garnstudios selfstriping sockyarn "Fabel"

One skein of WONDERFUL pirkka-lanka - just to fondle it. Pondering the fact it might be a fusion between Ene's scarf from Scarf style and a Swallowtail shawl.

On my whislist:
Tickets for the Robert Plant and Alison Krauss concert in May.

Have a nice lazy sunday.

lördag, februari 09, 2008

Egil and the Giraffe

Egil and the Giraffe
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Today we had the great pleasure to meet Egil. He was born on Helloween and since I haven't been well this past months we haven't met until now. He seemed to enjoy his new giraffe aswell! Found the giraffe some time beföre christmas. He has a quite suck-able snout.

Afterwards I went to Katarina to celebrate her birthday. Valentine moved to her place today! He is among friends! Roslagsmuseet has to wait...

I knitted up my second skein of Nature Wool in my Hourglass Sweater. I must say I really enjoy using the Addi lace needles.

Katarina showed me a book by Benjamin Lacombe, and I have to say I am really, really impressed! I hope to find a print or something of his work. Kind of Burton-esque - and that is a good thing.

Just have a look at this!

Tomorrow I will spend some time knitting with Heléne and some painting birds with Valdar. Totaly inspired by the Creative Mom Podcast - Thank you Amy!

fredag, februari 08, 2008

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OH! I forgot earlier! Yesterday I finally remembered to make sure that I will attend a workshop with artist Agneta Flock at Slöjdhuset on the 15th of March. The focus will be her paper-cuts and we will use all kinds of paper. I am excited! Have always been drawn to the traditional papercuts, and I have seen her work everywhere since I got aware of them so to speak. I am REALLY looking forward to this!

If someone who reads this is interested, there were still 3 spots open when I spoke to the workshopbooking at länshemslöjdskonsulenterna yesterday. You really should call!

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Todays creative mosaic, made from some of my favourite photos from flickr. They are all so talented and inspirational!

A small update!

I went to school as usual, attending a great lecture on the history of Basketry by Jonas Hasselrot. A follow-up to the basketryworkshop he held last term. Inspiring as usual!

Enoying the silence and calm at home. Drinking large amounts of tea, knitting at my Hourglass sweater, listening to older the Creative Mom Podcast. In a while I am off to the Stockholm Furniture Fair. Meanwhile; I am browsing Ravelry, flickr and various blogs for inspiration. Also, need to get a new sketchbook. Noticed that Me & I got up their springcollection.

This Weekend ...
Time to celebrate Katarina tomorrow! Maybe I'll go to Roslagsmuseet in Norrtälje first, attending the opening of the Roslagstextilier exhibition.

Found my way to Natascha Rosenberg today! Do visit her!

tisdag, februari 05, 2008

This one just wanted to say goodnight. I am thinking about calling them Tweedies. Haven't decided yet though.

Well. Good night then.

måndag, februari 04, 2008

WOHO! I just got a large order! 8 scarfes! Time to get warped...

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Becky from Vä She showed me her ingenius tie-up system. I am lost for words, again. Weaving will be much less complicated! I just want to go and buy more shafts to really try out the system...

There will be a new Glimåkra model out soon - it's a small two shafted loom and it's a pretty red thing - called Julia. According to Becky four or six shafts was not a problem. Exciting! I hope I will be able to try one in the near future.

Here is a link to a movie, introducing Julia. See also some of the other highly instructive movies.
Thank you all at for sharing!

Tomorrow I am off to Uppsala!

söndag, februari 03, 2008

Lazy lazy sunday.

We had a blizzard here last night. There were actual snow, as we normally have this time of the year in the northern parts of Europe. But it all went away this afternoon.

At least we had some cardemombuns me and Valdar made last night. The first thing he said when he woke up this morning was "Bulle mej nu" - "Bun me now". What can one say...

He was quite helpful making the buns, although he would much rather eat the pink and purple hearts than put them on the bun...

Today I had some writing to do. Me and Valdar had a look at a "Pettsson & Findus" computergame and tried to throw enough potatoes in a bucket. He was quite amazed.

We had an early lunch consisting of panncakes, äppelmos (mushyapples with cinnamon really) and the cherryjam I made this summer. It still tastes of summer.

I also had time to have a good look around at Etsy and some blogs - old and new. Some -to me-new discoveries of the day were: Little Red Stuga, Rosa Pomar, Lolly Knitting Around and - if you have not been there - Fine little day.

Later I prepared myself for this wednesdays Craftworkshop at Slöjdhuset. We are going to make small companions - the theme is "monster och mucklor".

There is no way to translate mucklor, they are creatures invented by the author and illustrator Sven Nordqvist.

Anyhow, my contribution is these two fellows.

Time to go to bed. I have an exciting week ahead..
Almost forgot!

This is a MUST HAVE. I am waiting to get mine, they will be delivered in may.

It´s a pair of converse, designed by the utterly talented Camilla Engman. I am actually lost for words.

EDIT: Here is a link to these shoes at converse.

lördag, februari 02, 2008

I love it how parts of my hometown suddenly becomes more interesting, how they evolve and change. I have a couple of things to say about the area Sveavägen and Tegnérgatan in Vasastan, Stockholm. Earlier I primerally went there to visit one of my local yarnshops - Nysta.

Since Satoko opened my eyes for Japanska torget and the japanese bookstore I go there at least once a month to shop for tofu in various shapes, lovely salty sweet rice crackers, tea, sauces, soya, nori and now - FUDGE!

And you will to as they come in these lovely cuby thingies...

As I went there a couple of weeks ago I noticed a newly opened shop called "Mor Karin" (Mother Karin). And, as I walked inside I utterly and completely fell in love with almost everything in the shop! Have a look for yourself! Among other things, they sell stuff from "The small object" - which I love!

This is what followed me home after that first visit. A needlecase and a rubbestamp from "The small object" and a übercute japanse glassjar. I am thinking about keeping my favourite buttons in the jar. The jar, among other things in the shop, come from Shinzi Katoh. Lots of lovely things!

Here is a link to the glassware series.
I want it all!

I promised some pictures from Sätergläntan, the Artmuseum of Leksand and Helsinki. I also wanted to show you the start of my Hourglass sweater:

The colour is acutally slightly more greyish green and lighter than the picture show. Inside at night it looks more lite this though. Olive.

I really enjoy using the addi lace needles. Smooth and fast knit!

And here is the result, or part of the result, of a days shopping in Helsinki. I am really impressed with the finnish yarns. The colours aswell as the quality.

I am thinking about knitting a shawl from the skein on top - a charcoal/purple/brown 8/2 two ply yarn. Maybe "Enes scarf" from Pam Allens "Scarf style" or a modifyed swallowtail? The thicker yarn - or at least the light blue and the brown will be a sweater for Valdar. I am thinking ribbed and striped, with a fifties touche. It might change.

This is part of a quilt from the exhibition "Memory" at the Art museum of Leksand which I fell in love with.

I love the way it reminds me of papercuts and snowflakes! Love the small blue squares and the orange stripe further down. If this exhibition comes anywhere near you, you have to see it.


Well. That was that. I re-booted the new computer today and I think that we will get along just fine. For the first time in a month or so I was able to download some of the podcasts I listen to. We had a visit from Malin and Valdar and I baked cardemombuns. Tomorrow I have to spend some time weaving. Maybe start listening to an audiobook? I also hope for better weather! I really need to go for a walk...!

Have a nice sunday.
(if you want to see more pictures, have a look at flickr...)

fredag, februari 01, 2008

New Years-eve. Anna, Valdar, Björn and Liam.

Good news! Finally I seem to have solved my computerproblems – I have inherited a portable pc, less than one year old. Happy happy, joy joy. It has been to long. New year and everything! We've moved to a new -larger– flat in the outskirts of town on the first of December last year and have almost settled in. And I acutally and finally got room for a small working space and my LOOM!

Quite crappy photo taken when we got up some of the shelfs.

On the needles: Hourglass sweater by Joelle Hoverson from the book ”Last-minute knitted gifts”
Yarn: Araucania Nature Wool (700g)
Yarnsource: Nysta
Dyelot: VA09
Needles: 4mm

In the loom: Scarfs! 4 shafts herringbone twill
Yarn: Yllets 2 tr lightgrey for warp and a charcoal/purple for weft

Last week I went to Helsinki with my dear friend Anna. We spent two nights at sea and one day in Helsinki. Since I have never been there, properly, I was happy to receive a small manual to Helsinki from Tove. Our first stop was at the Taito Shop – and I had my first encounter with loverly finnish yarn Pirkka-lanka. Love at first sight. At least for me. Then we went to the Iittala shop and one of the Marimekkoshops, had a ”fika” (coffee and pasteries) at Café Strindberg, Artek and lovely bookshop ”Hobboks” at Högbergsgatan – where I found another book by Joelle Hoverson. We went for a walk to antoher yarnshop, serveral small shops with great finnish design and then off course Stockmanns, where I found Spin-off magazine, which isn't avaliable in shops i Sweden. On our way back to the boat we went by the Taito shop again and I bought some yarn.. Me and Björn have decided to go back together later this spring. Maybe we stay a night in Helsinki as well, I really enjoyed my visit but it was to short! If you know something we shouldn't miss – please leave a comment. We will try to visit the Arabia/Iittala outlet and some museums.

The week before our trip to Finland me and my class went to Sätergläntan to have a three day knittingclass with wonderful Karin Kahlund. And I finally got the hang of tvåändsstickning – two-end knitting. As a friend of mine said before I went: ”When I grow up I want to become Karin”. We also hade time for a short visit to Leksand – both the Hemslöjdenshop and the museum where there was a wonderful exhibition showing a collection of traditional textiles from Pakistan. I'll try to get up some photos later!