Från Zickermans värld

måndag, juli 28, 2008

Unbelievably hot

It is like walking into a wall of heat, getting outside these days. But I am a polarbear you see. I love sunny days, if there is a shady spot for me. Or a wind at least. But I can´t handle this kind of numbing heat. Despite the heat and me being super-tired it has been a great couple of days! I worked until four this saturday, and then I met up with B and left for Jonas in Eskilstuna. First we had some dinner - or tried to in the heat. Earlier that day I passed by the Beirut Deli in Östermalmshallarna and bought some Mhamara (paprikarelish with walnuts and pomegranate), Fatayes (pirouges containing fetacheese and spinache), hoummos, Bulgursalad and Jonas served some great wine, grilled halloumicheese and icecream. Needless to say, that was a great meal. Later we went to listen to Sofia Karlsson by Rademachersmedjorna. Great concert, as usual - although I find it quite petty to sell tickets to a prize of 250 sek and don´t offer seats to more than a third of the audience. It would have been OK if 1) there had been a note anywhere, describing the seating situation 2) if I had not been standing behind the counter for six hours 3) If we had not been so darn polite and had gone fetching your average park bench as some of the senior citizens did. Well, the concert was great and the location beautiful, much resembling an traditional swedish "people´s park" - Folk park. In short - we did not get seats.

Afterwards we gave J a lift home and went to Näshulta and Vidåsen. As always it was great meeting Eva and Nicke. We spent the major part of yesterday by lake Näshulta, swimming and by Vidåsen. Later we went home and today I was back at work.

I have been knitting at my Lady Eleanor entrelac stole lately - but this is a far to big and warm a knit to knit daytime. I have also sewn a - according to me - fully functional and useful skirt inspired by angry chicken´s 5-minute skirt. I used this wounderful nigerian wax batik and no F.O.E. but a zip. Get some picture up later.

And, I have been reading. First "Kite Runner" and "Thousand splendid suns" by Khaled Hosseini, then "Bitterfittan" by Maria Sveland. Great books all three of them. Coming up is "Världens mått" by Daniel Kehlmann and "The Inheritance of Loss" by Kiran Desai. I am so looking forward to reading them! Reading is a great way of spending exhausted summer eves.
Any suggestions of summerreads? I will need a new one by thursday or so.

And! I almost forgot! Nicke made us a great summer´s lunch after bathing the first time yesterday: a great potatosalad - roughly based on this recipe by Ernst (quite famous interior decorator in Sweden) and a GREAT beansalad - roughly based on this:

1 can of large white beans
1 can of black beans
1 can of kidney beans
finely-chopped leek
sliced pickled garlic
chopped tomatoes
salad - any kind fresh!
curry (powder)
olive oil (a "light" one)

Blend and rest for five minutes - enjoy!

Now, it is time to rest. We are actually not that happy tonight. Bs father and his family had to put down their 8 years old Leonbergerdog earlier today. I met him - Folke - the first time long before his new family did and have always loved him. Leonbergerdogs are particulary bred to look like lions - not to live, so they are often sick and Folke was.. We will miss him. Mother told Valdar this evening, that he would not meet Folke ever again and Valdar said "I will not pat Folke ever again, grandad will be sad".

That kind of sums it all up. Rest in peace Folke.

torsdag, juli 17, 2008

So. Just wanted to say hi! I am working alot at the moment, and have no or little computer-time since I try to spend some time with B and V every day, before V goes to sleep, and then I am just to tired to knit or write. It is great fun - working - but I am tired when I get home, and I certainly look forward to my sunday off.

But I have attended a knittingrelated activity. This past weekend Karin arranged a stitch´n bitch with yarnswap. I really enjoyed getting together and knitting! Since I forgot to bring my camera - visit Marika, Maria, ToveB or Sanna who brought theirs.

I have to get a picture of darling Lionel and his pinwheel blanket. The blanket is not that big, but neither is L. I am in love. Here is a link to the pattern.

I have started knitting up some of my 2 ply homedyed, homespun finull from Åddebo. Currently I am knitting a feather and fan pattern, but it does not work. Rip rip rip. Any ideas? I am thinking a kind of rough scarf. Garter stitch perhaps?

Time to sleep now. Work tomorrow. Do stop by! (At Nybrogatan)

torsdag, juli 10, 2008

A mosaic of inspiration

1. sweetest sleep, 2. Little-Wren-A-STORE, 3. Leafwares, 4. liina, 5. Bird Nest & Mom's Eggs 2005, 6. Book Bag Detail (C365: Day 8), 7. 22//52, 8. IMG_8696, 9. Happy Cloud 2, 10. Three Snow Walkers, 11. ♥ bird, 12. Paper cutting, 13. The so soft little sheep, 14. in the studio, 15. Clutching at Straws, 16. silly peepers Mr. Owl, 17. Untitled, 18. archipelago, 19. Felt Love Birds, 20. .., 21. Summer Flowers Pintail, 22. Steel wire bowls, 23. Michael LaFosse Origami North American Cardinal, 24. Untitled, 25. little lilly, 26. I love this lil guy, 27. Sweden, 28. Mini Owl Mama, 29. Birds and Owls, 30. red-winged blackbird

Endless inspiration! Colours, structures, shapes and expressions.

V and B left for Grimslätt the other day. I worked at Fryshuset's (click here for an english translation) "Sommararena" yesterday, and will work this weekend. But today, I am at home, alone - trying to get rid of my summercold and awaiting the perfect moment to do the dishes. For sure it will appear any moment now? Otherwise I will take out the knitting basket in a while. Or maybe the wheel, or the sewingmachine.

Fryshuset is a very special place, and I love the fact that we are able to have craftworkshops there all summer! Hopefully the collaboration might continue this autumn. Yesterday's theme was felt. Next wednesday the theme will be steel-wire, later this summer embroidery. The workshop is held as an open workshop where the participants comes and goes as they choose for three hours - we supply material, models, books and tools. And instrucitions of course. It is a open-ended way of working and a good way to begin. Have you been involved in open forms of craftworkshops? In which context?

One issue, often discussed is the one of age. Is it a good or a bad thing to work with certain age-groups? Or is it best with mixed groups? Mixed groups gives people a larger opportunity to get new approaches, inspiration and a new insights of people outside their own age och social group. On the other hand such an arrangement demands openness and consideration of the instructors and participants. Something that always is and should be demanded of the instructors, but can it be so of the participants? Maybe.

All I know for certain is that I think it is tremendously important in this day and time - not only to give people the opportunity to meet materials, techniques, traditions and one owns creativity; make things with ones hands, but also to meet all kinds of people - in a context where the common ground and perhaps the only common ground is the wish to learn and create.

The moment has come. Time to do the dishes.

Do visit:
My little drama
Lotta Jansdotter
Stephanie Congdon Barnes

And well, if you have not already visited or seen the WONDERFUL prints from Qualle, here is some pictures from their site. I could not help my self!

Take care

måndag, juli 07, 2008

The unknown UFO

Originally uploaded by

This is how it looked when I first started. Actually, this is the second one - but it looks the same.

It is a Pinwheel blanket: a sunshine blanket for newborn baby Lionel <3 here.

Yarn: handdyed 2 ply wool and 3 ply alpaca from Marias Garn and Alpaca from Drops.
Needles: 3 mm

I acutally went to a job interview today, but since I am a bit unwell an feel a cold coming up I will tell you about that another day. It is cold and rainy outside and I need a cup tea and a whisky - to be wuite frank. Take care.

söndag, juli 06, 2008

Back home

The trip back went well. Valdar spent the last hour and a half asking if we were home soon (every other minute). I do know the feeling.

We stopped by the Adelborgsmuseum in Gagnef before we went, what a great museum! Even if you not happen to be a lace-person you will enjoy it. Promise. I´ll you more about the exhibitions another day. Right now I will leave you for a cup of tea and some freshly baked bread. And something to watch! Mr Bill Bailey - seen on Black Books if not elsewhere - with his suggestion for a new very Portishead-ish national anthem.

EDIT: Well, and the UFO is finished. It is time to block :-)

fredag, juli 04, 2008

Todays adventures

As if one of my UFOs had overheard my reasoning earlier the Rosewood circular needle snapped while knitting on our way to Leksand. What to do? Luckily Leksands hemslöjd had plenty to offer; including 3 mm circular needles. I also happen to find some broad-cloth, buttons and traditional bands. They, along with some linen embroidery yarn, followed me home.

I have been knitting at this very UFO all night - just saying. I think the reason to why I brought them is that I sometimes find it easier to finish up projects when changing mileu. You seem to have kind of the same strategy as I - almost anyway. I also tend to carry rather heavy bags since I do not want to want for that very project I left behind.. Luxury problems, I know - but considering everything that has happened this past year I like to ponder over these aswell as the more acute ones. This upcoming monday it is exactly one year since I started my radiationtreatment.

Time certainly does fly. I am very very lucky.

While in Leksand today I visited the "Krona och Krans- smycka till fest och bröllop " exhibition at Kulturhuset. The title of the exhibition translates into something like "Crown (refering to the traditional use of Bridal Crowns) and Garland - decorate for fiest and wedding" and it is about weddingtraditions; above all swedish but also with a slightly more international aspects. It is a very inspirational exhibition, take a look here to see where you can see it. "Krona och Krans" wants to inspire to formulate personal traditions - and it does.

Here is two quite blurry photos. So that you get a sense of it all. Enjoy, and do visit it if you get the chance.

Tomorrow we are off to Mora.

Short messenges

We are soon off to Leksand in the summer heat. A couple of things slipped my mind yesterday.

First some good advice. Never ever leave home without handcards and at least ONE spindle.

At least if you are me. I had some (stupid) idea that I would engage totally into a selection of UnFinishedObjects. Bah - humbug.
Apparently it did not occur to me that a) I would pass by several shops where one can obtain spinning fibers b) That fiberarts - knitting, stitching, spinning - whatever- are my tools of survival. This means that I can´t ask of myself to choose projects several DAYS ahead. Not when we are on holiday.

Yesterday I tried to make a spindle using a far to thin stick, a rubber and a compact disc. How very McGyver of me. Needless to say it did not work.

But, What about the UFOs then? I really really need to finish up som projects. Partly because some of them are gifts, some of them have been laying around for far to long and I really want to wear/use them. And partly because it is a such a nice feeling to finish projects, to follow the thought from start to finish.

So. I really really need a pair of handcards and a spindle. And I need to finish up some things. And I secretly dream about casting on to knit a lace scarf, or a top-down raglan for Björn. Or the February Lady Sweater.

How do you reason with yourself? When it is time for summervacation - do you begin new projects, especially chosen for vacation, do you finish up old ones or do you bring tools to start what ever comes across your thoughts or feet?

Time to go. Me, V, B and my special UFO.

torsdag, juli 03, 2008

Birdbag and more

I proudly present. The Birdbag. These pictures only show of one side of the bag, but there is actually two birds on the other side. The birds are stitched using wool, silk and linnenyarns on broadcloth. The lining is the Leciens fabric I have been on and on about for-ever. The sides and strap is made out of handwoven herringbonetwill by textileartist Mai Ohlson, whose studio was put down two years ago due to old age. I LOVE her fabrics!

And I must say - I am quite satisfied with the bag.

Some pictures from a hike this past sunday, in Näshulta. There had been a forestfire some weeks before, and we went there to have a look. It was fascinating to see what fire does, red or bright orange marks on rocks where there had been lichen, whole root systems exposed underneath trees where the soil chared.

This tuesday we left for Djurmo in Gagnef, Dalarna to visit Bs father and family. We have had some calm and pleasant days. Yesterday we went to Bingsjöstämman in Bingsjö. In short that is Swedens largest Folkmusic meet and attract about 12 000 participants and spectators. Valdar stayed at his grandfathers and we had a lovely time! Meeting old friends, listening to great music, less great music and enjoying the summers eve.

This was my first visit to Bingsjö, but it was also my first meet without any instrument. A very strange feeling.

Just before we sat in there car and drove back.

Today we went to Wålstedts spinning mill. Not only do the sell great yarns. They also sell dyed wool ...

And STRAWBERRIES! We have spent this evening cooking strawberryjam; with orange and lemonzest. A great combination I can tell you ...

Tomorrow we will go to Leksand and the "Krona och krans"-exhibition. The exhibition is about weddingtraditions and is built and made by the craft consultants of Sweden. And maybe we will stop by Adelborgmuseet in Gagnef and have a look at the summerexhibtion; "Min dröm om Hemslöjd" (something like "My dream of tradtional crafts" or "My dream of the Sloyd movement").

Now, I will have to go to sleep. I am looking forward to tasting the jam tomorrow.