Från Zickermans värld

lördag, mars 29, 2008

Have a look at this!

Borrowed the picture from the Sneakers n Stuff homepage.I am still sick. Tried to ignore that earlier today, without any luck.
Soon returning to my Lady E and a large cup of tea I just wanted to show you these wonderful shoes, now avaliable in Sweden. By illustrator Camilla Engman.

It is my birthday in may. Just telling.

torsdag, mars 27, 2008

Mopey me

Well. Since my sinusitis and fever is getting the best of me, I am just presenting the glorious result of a test showing how much of a "literature-nerd"(sv. boknörd) I am . And then I am off to bed again.

tisdag, mars 25, 2008

A update in short

Sinusitis. Again! We arrived to Djurmo and my father in law yesterday. Since I appear to have regained my sinusitis I am not feeling to well - and this update will be a short one!

On the needles: Dearest Lady Eleanor entrelac stole from Pam Allens scarf style.
I really enjoy knitting it, and this far I think the yarn (Noro Silk Garden) fits the pattern as a glove.

On the iPod: The wonderful soundtrack of "Once". I haven´t seen the movie yet, have you?

Reading: The jubilee publication of knitting from Halland- "Binge"

On the wishlist: "The Creative Family" by Amanda Soule, i just might order it..

Todays adventure: A stop by "Tulavippa" - a rather large and well-stocked thriftstore closeby and then a trip to Falun: Hemslöjden and The Museum of Dalarna - where almost all the exhibitions were closed due to refurbishment.

Inspiration: Small magazine, Lisa Congdons Etsy shop and brooklyntweed.

Over and out.

onsdag, mars 19, 2008

Bye for now

Tomorrow afternoon we will leave for Blidö and some peace and quiet. We will spend this Easter at Blidö, then we will go to Gagnef and Valdars grandfather - to be back in Stockholm at the end of the week. I hope all of you will have a peaceful Easter.

Now I will try to find some recipes for painting eggs for easter, make carrotcakemuffins, pack my knits, paper and scissors for papercutting, Valdars watercolours and books. Lots of books.

tisdag, mars 18, 2008

The weekend in short

Tuesday already! Thought I´d begin by showing you some pictures from this weekend.

Saturday. I went to Slöjdhuset (The Sloyd/Crafthouse) and attended a papercuttingclass, held by artist Agneta Flock. The papercut on the top was made by a very talented woman attending the class.. The next three pictures shows the papercuts made by me, Satoko and another friend and shows some of the exercises we went through: a tree, different kinds of trees, hearts with things growing out of them and so on.

I really enjoy papercutting and it is something I have devoted some time over the past eight years. I think I will spend even more time cutting now, as I have noticed Valdar really enjoy playing around cutting shapes in left over pieces of paper and cardboard.

Nikki McClure
Tord Boontje
Peter Callesen
Robert Ryan

Sunday we went to Överjärva gård to visit this years eastermarket. Of course I visited Karin Erikssons newly opened shop manos, where we are not only able to purchase Karins wonderful ceramics, but also other carefully selected items from artists and crafters like Port 2 Port Press, Camilla Engman and Processor among others. It is a great shop, a welcoming atmosphere and I will return - at the launch of this if not sooner.

Afterwards we visited the market, bought some freshly baked walnut/olivebread, caramel almonds (or is it candied), had some tea in the and visited the baby lambs. Valdar, of course, vistied his favourite tractor. This time, hiding (resting?) beneath a blanket. We also past by Eva and Nicke - admired their items: handwoven doubleweaved rug rags, steelwire baskets and handcarved birds.

More pictures form this weekends various adventures at flickr.

Yesterday we entered a three day intensive woodturningclass. I thoroughly enjoy it, although I have to admit I am not completly relaxed around machines that size. And I do enjoy fairly quite forms of crafting. Our teacher, Åke Landström is vastly competent- both at his craft and as a teacher. Should you ever get the chance to take one of his classes, you really should. Tomorrow I hope to make a nystpinne. And maybe a small spin (snurra helt enkelt). Keep your fingers crossed for me, hopefully I will be able to show you some kind of result.

On the needles:
Finally I have decided what to make from the lovely Noro Silk Garden I bought about two years ago. It will be a Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole - pattern by Kathleen Power Johnson from Scarf Style. This far, I enjoy it. I think that this will be my easterknitting. I am in a very impatient mood that goes well with the possibility of making one square, seeing the result and then decided whether I want to make one more.

Now, time for tea and som blogreading.

måndag, mars 10, 2008

Collages of shapes

Collages of shapes
Originally uploaded by Wynja

Midnight collages. I am beginning to realize I really like to play with images, words, scissors and glue off the computor aswell as on the computor..

söndag, mars 09, 2008


After a short visit at Nysta yesterday me and Satoko ran some arrends, had some lunch and went for a walk through Södermalm. As we passed these two houses I fell for the wonderful combination of colours.

The late daylight has a very special impact on these limewashed jugend houses, I noticed the same effect in Helsinki. It might the "Baltic Sea-effect"..

If anyone, and I say anyone, has a flat to spare around in one of these houses we are more than happy to take care of it for several years. Promise. I am quite good with tile stoves.

After a quick stop a Nysta - in which I managed both having a chat with Karin AND avoiding to buy any more yarn we went to the japanse shops to make some grocery shopping and then we ended up at morkarin.

Here is a picture of the article in Elle Interiör I mentioned the other day.

And this is some great news! They sell prints by Camilla Engman! I mentioned her prints to them a month or so ago, and now they are available in the shop. Great gifts, if you have got them for yourself...

One of the things I am looking forward to this spring is defintly the exhibition of the exciting collaboration between Camilla Engman and Karin Eriksson in late may at Överjärva Gård. Although I will go to Överjärva next sunday. Time for Eastemarket! I am excited about the newliy opened craft/design shop manos and to see talented craft by my dear friends over at Hand & Tanke (Hand and Thought).

And here´s a finishing pictures from morkarin.
I bought some stamps by The Small Object.
They make me immensly happy. Valdar loves them too.

This afternoon I went to Ikea, hoping to buy some fabric to make cushions for our lillberg rockning chair - no luck. I ended up buying plants, candles, a chunk of parmesan and a picturefram to frame a lovely print by Stina Wirsén. This is another of her prints I got hold of some weeks ago. You have not missed the Stina Wirsén stampcollection? I think I will frame mine.

Todays inspiration comes from making beadnecklaces with Valdar, reading Fine Little Day and planning a tweedie-project. Soon to be revealed.

Have a nice week!

torsdag, mars 06, 2008


A picture from this Saturday, I really liked the combinations of colours. Light blues and red are colours I often return to; in planning of projects, in sketches, in things I immediately react positive to.

OH God I am bored. You know that space of time between when you are sick and well? I am there. Not yet fit to go about my normal every-day-life, but still - so bored. Lucky for me, Elle Intertiör arrived today. This is a new subscription to me, and I am still surprised everytime the magazine appears. In this issues "Right now" (just nu) -spot the magazine covers a favourite shop of mine of which I written before - morkarin. This is a shop at Tegnérgatan in the central parts of Stockholm, selling indie items and more. The article also mentions The Small Object, one of my personal favourites.

Time for pasta, and then some more knitting.

Sofia Karlsson - great musician! Went to her concert this Tuesday at Rival in Stockholm - despite my sinusitis. I suppose she might not remember, but we used to sing together at Skeppis "Visstuga" - sort of a folk song-lounge almost every sunday about twelve years ago. If you´re not yet familiar with her music and enjoys Dan Andersson, swedish visa/folk tradtion, do visit her website.

My Folk lover Etsy store Great artwork!

onsdag, mars 05, 2008


My spot
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Thought I´d show you where I often sit when I update the blog, and where I spent the last four days - recovering, resting, knitting, and listening to music or radio.

The pillowcase comes from Afroart. It was woven in Nigeria. I simply love large striped pillows. The striped thingie on the table is the -soon-to-be-sock I wrote about yesterday,

It is time for bed. We´ll see about tomorrow. I am bored. I want to go to school.

I have an idea, or actually more of a wish. Since I am a very curious person, I really would like see where you sit when you search the internet, update your blog och simply where you sit down and rest, knit or write. Show me that or those corners of your home. If you want to that is. You could also invite me for tea - as soon as I am well.



So. I´ve been down for a couple of days. Today I finally went to the district health care centre and got some antibiotics. I am still here, a bit fuzzy though. I spent my day listening to P1, a radio channel at the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation and knitting. The project of the day was a pair of socks for me. Knitted out of Regia sockyarn, the Kaffe Fassett "landscape fire" colourway. Love the striping!