Från Zickermans värld

tisdag, februari 17, 2009

Here I am!

Yes, here I am. Behind the mittens :-) This past months has been interesting ones to say the least! We´ve been celebrating christmas, driven about 1500 km - visiting friends and family all around the country - we spent little more than a week at Grimslätt. Knitting, cooking, baking, going for long walks and spending time with friends and the sheep..!

Little V got skiis for christmas and he LOVES them. So there was alot of skiing. Back in Stockholm we are still waiting for winter; as in snow.

The Grimslätt-sheep :-) One got away!

The main reason for me being so happy these days is, besides health and great family/friends, the fact that I start my new Very Exciting job on the 1st of March :-) I will tell you more about this, of course - but in short I will take care of and be in charge of a beautiful house; craft workshop and school. There are workshops in weaving, ceramics, fusing, painting, embroidery painting furniture and beyond. AND there is a wonderful garden...

May I present- Hantverksgården Skogsbo, which is a part of Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan; SV Stockholm. There will be a blog soon!

The glass veranda

Re-planting geraniums in the kitchen.

Different furniture, during their re-make

Needless to say; I love it. I will tell you more and show you more. At the moment I am just trying to take it all in. That it is for real, that this wonderful place is for real and that I will be working here, developing the workshops, taking care of the visitors and the house - for a long time.

I am SO happy!

Take care!

A note: there is ONE Grimslättmitten-kit left, the pattern is in swedish and if you are interested, send me an email asap. There will be more Grimslätt-patterns out this spring!