Från Zickermans värld

söndag, juli 05, 2009


I am really looking forward to vacation! So much has happened this year, and I really need the rest. The rest, and the adventure.

I will be working next week and the me and B are off to Gotland for a couple of days. Again :-) We will be taking soilsamples, and hopefully the weather won't be as bad as during our last visit. We will stay at a hostel in Hemse, and maybe have time to visit Labans shop.

The other day I booked us a dinnertable at Hablingbo creperie, and we also hope to have time to visit Fide Fajans, Hablingbo cafe and Beck & rep. Maybe lunch over at Bakfickan? We'll see. It is always nice to be back at the island. If you havn't been to Visby I strongly suggest a coffee over at Rosas, some shopping (clothes/yarn and interior design) at Yllet, tea and coffee at Kränku, furniture and coffee over at the newly opened GAD shop. Outside Visby Vamlingbolaget and, Gotlands Ullspinneri is a must!

I am packing my wellies, books, knitting, raincoat, thermos, camera and aloegel. I am currently digging in to two thrillers by Mons Kallentoft. Usually I am not a thriller-kind-of-personl, but this summer - anything goes.

So. I guess it is time to write some lists and start the sunday cleaning. I promised little V that we would either bake or solve a beautiful jigsaw I bought last time we went to Visby.

have a nice week!