Från Zickermans värld

torsdag, november 20, 2008


It is winter again. Cold and dark mornings, and I kind of wonder where autumn went? I haven´t had any, or at least to few, long walks enjoying the colours, cripsness and fragrance of fall.

But, I do enjoy the cold. I do. I´ve even started to knit socks, although I am no sockknitter. Now and then I forget this and I try, but I almost always fail. Hopelessly. Anyways; I´ve started a striped pair of "Sargents" from "Noro: Family" by Jane Ellison, using two skeins Noro Kureyon Sock - of different colourways. They will be kneehigh, striped socks and I need to finish them soon.. Wearing a skirt today was freezing I tell you...

Noro Socks
The ribbed and striped beginning.

All three of us had some calm and cozy evenings together, Valdar practising his A´s and V´s - he tend to draw the A´s upside down. Otherwise they look great.



And me, making collages, knitting or just enjoying the cardemomcake B and V made earlier.

Some weeks ago there was a Autumn-celebration at Valdars preschool; a Lanternfestival where there are grilled apples, hot soup outside and then - when it gets dark - the beautifully decorated paperlanterns are lit, songs about light in the dark sung and the children takes the lanterns and the light for a walk.

All of this demanded a lantern. So, I made one and Valdar wanted his to have foxes and dogs, so it had.

Making a lantern

Making a lantern


One thing I really enjoy about this flat is how our diningplace is such a nice and calm workspace. Look at my beautiful cut-work pillow from work...! :-)

At the moment I am dreaming about going to Mali. To visit Hotel Djenne Djenno and take a Bogolan course with Swedish artist Sophie Sarin. Maybe one day I will.

And I have to show you what came in to the shop today. Mrs Hippo! She was part of the result of a campaign for "Save the Children"-Sweden and several swedish designers and was designed by Gunilla Lundberg - who is one of the owners of AfroArt and handstitched at a Fairtrade cooperative in Bangladesh. The Hippo is sold at the AfroArt shops and over at "Save the Children"´s website. Go shop!

Take care!

fredag, oktober 17, 2008

Jam and links

1,5 kg of apples - peel and cut in slices
about 500 g of crude sugar - unless you will freeze the jam
3 teaspoons of pestled cardemom
the juice of two lemons
1 dl of water

Pour the water into a saucepan and add the apples as they are peeled and sliced. Add the lemonjuice and put the heat on. Bring the water and apples to a boil as you add the cardemom and sugar. Continue to let the apples simmer as you stir. As the apples get softer you decide how chunky this jam will be - I like it quite chunky. After about 15 minutes, as the jam sets you turn the heat off an let it rest.

Put the clean glass jars in the oven at 100 degrees celsius for about 15 minutes. Put the lids in boiling water. Pour the jam into the cans and - if it is a can with a loose lid put the can upside down while the jam cools down - this way the preasure builds up in the can and makes the jam lat longer.


I used Åkerö and Melon-apples but Signe tilisch or Gravensteiner will do aswell - as long as it is a apple on the sour-side.

And some links, some of them in swedish:
asfaltsblomman - the guide to eniviromentally friendly and fairtrade shopping and living
A new issue of Lines & Shapes-magazine "Ljus"- featuring great swedish artists and artisans.
Anjah and Ardalanish- an exciting collaboration
Ekovaruhuset: Lovely shop in Stocholm, New York and soon Paris. I would LOVE to shop there - if they made clothes in my size...

Have a nice friday!

onsdag, oktober 15, 2008

Staying at home

Valdar woke up last night with a fever. So today I stayed at home with him. We are having a calm day - drawing, making apple/cardemom jam, soup and Valdar decided he wanted to sew. Or rather he started sewing earlier this morning, using a thread, needle and cloth that he found laying around - not the perfect combination though, so later he got some broadcloth and the threads of his choice. Off course I had to take some pictures! And he really seems to enjoy it, as he sat still - concentrating and asking for help when needed.

This, his first embroidery. will turn into a small sewing pouch or a pin cushion - he has not decided yet. Needless to say I am very happy about him enjoying to sew..

I also wanted to show you how the refurbishment in Högdalen is going along. This is our new kitchenfloor. B put it in this weekend. It is linoleum tiles from Ikea and I think that we are very content wih the result. Now, we are awaiting entry hall to be finished before we can move back home.

Now, it is time for some coffee before Little V wakes up from his rest. But I do want to congratulate Katarina and Stefan on their wedding this past Saturday, and Heléne on her birthday today!

Take care!

måndag, oktober 13, 2008

Hi there everyone. There is alot of things going on; jobwise, healthwise and--- jobwise. And I have made some rather bad planning. For which I am suffering. The trip to Grimslätt was great, as always and I feel blessed to be able to return there - hopefully we will be back in a month or so. It is time to go to bed; but I will give you some pics. Take care!

Studio Violet
Grimslatt gård

fredag, oktober 03, 2008

The earth and water-sweater

I have actually got something off the needles this past week. It was a fast and fun knit, Valdar second one. Can´t wait until Valdar can try it on.

Pattern: "Barntröja med rund hals" by Nina Sagulin
Yarn: Noro Kureyon
Needles: 5 mm

Tomorrow afternoon we are leaving for Bohuslän and Grimslätt. It is time to shear the sheep. We will be back next week. Hopefully I will finish Lady E, or at least almost finish -due to the long carride...

Take care!

måndag, september 22, 2008

In so many words

Finally, I´ve got some pictures up! This sunday we went to Mariefred on a visit to my sister in law and her family.
I thought I just give you something to look at.

Last monday I and Valdar made lingonberry-jam, lingonberry-jam-cupcakes and ..

Lingonberry-jam in whipped cream.

onsdag, september 17, 2008

this and that

There is alot of things going on at the moment. Alot of good things and alot of things I can´t tell you about. Yet. Hopefully everything will turn out fine. And when they do, I will tell you.

We have bought a new cardreader, that did not work. But we have now located our old one and one of these days there will be pics.

Anyways: knittingrelated - have you visited the Lindex website lately? They´re writing about knitting -history and the promo says something about a "knitting revolution" - here is a link to the video.

Yesterday I passed by the display window of department store PUB, and this is what I saw:

Yarn, knitting and a wheel. Not bad, not bad at all.
Now, I will go back to drinking tea and knitting. More on Väv 08 later. While I was gone, two beautiful boys were born: Little T and a darling Frog :-). I am so happy for you! <3 Lycka Form: Wonderful blankets!
"Stickat och virkat- vintage på svenska" A new book!
Two new books by author, knitdesigner and LYSowner Nina Sagulin - have a look at

I got this wonderful nomination from Maria over at Skapande, I am very proud and grateful! I want to pass it on to a couple of bloggers that never stop to inspire me: Stickigt, En till stickblogg, Mecozy, Camilla Engman, Emmas designblogg, angry chicken, Happy Silly, Fine little day, Brooklyntweed, Kurbits and - woops, that is more than seven - but I could easily nominate five och six more.

The rules of passing this nomination - if there are any - are as follows:

Vinnare/nominerade kan lägga in loggan på sin blogg!
2. Länka till personen som nominerat dig. /Put up a link to the person from whom you got the nomination
3. Nominera 7 andra bloggar/ Nominate 7 blogs of your choice
4. Länka till de bloggar som du nominerar/ Put up links to your nominees
5. Lämna ett meddelande hos de bloggar som du nominerat/ leave a message to those you have nominated (I might not this last one)

Oh. I forgot. I picked up the latest issue of IK earlier. And, I happened to pass by Knitty the other day - and the fall issue is up.

We still like it in Årsta. Wish we could stay.

Take care!

onsdag, september 10, 2008

TIme to go

In a couple of minutes me and Valdar is off to Väv 08 in Leksand.

If you need something to do while I am gone - this is a suggestion.

Take care.

söndag, september 07, 2008

Still no photos. But, meanwhile I thought I´d put some links up. For several reasons we are looking at furniture, wallpapers and so on. Lets say we have been looking around, and I found a couple of things I like.

Wallpaper "Storskogen" by Karin Moberg. Found it over at Designista, where I also found these pictures.

Meet Sixten! We have been looking for a kitchentable and a coffee-table for ages, I think we just might have found them. There are, actually, some Sixten chairs aswell.

This kitchen by Kvänum is one of my favourites.

And finally, Svenskt Tenn. Elefant Blå by Estrid Ericson.

Time to go, take care. Maybe I´ll see you in Leksand at Väv08?