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onsdag, oktober 15, 2008

Staying at home

Valdar woke up last night with a fever. So today I stayed at home with him. We are having a calm day - drawing, making apple/cardemom jam, soup and Valdar decided he wanted to sew. Or rather he started sewing earlier this morning, using a thread, needle and cloth that he found laying around - not the perfect combination though, so later he got some broadcloth and the threads of his choice. Off course I had to take some pictures! And he really seems to enjoy it, as he sat still - concentrating and asking for help when needed.

This, his first embroidery. will turn into a small sewing pouch or a pin cushion - he has not decided yet. Needless to say I am very happy about him enjoying to sew..

I also wanted to show you how the refurbishment in Högdalen is going along. This is our new kitchenfloor. B put it in this weekend. It is linoleum tiles from Ikea and I think that we are very content wih the result. Now, we are awaiting entry hall to be finished before we can move back home.

Now, it is time for some coffee before Little V wakes up from his rest. But I do want to congratulate Katarina and Stefan on their wedding this past Saturday, and Heléne on her birthday today!

Take care!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Snyggsnygg brodyr - din Valdar verkar riktigt sybegåvad!

  2. Anonym2:03 em

    Vad kul att han vill vara med och handarbeta! Och det där golvet var snyggt... Ibland skulle jag vilja ha bostadsrätt igen, men jag tror vi är för lata just nu. ;)

  3. Man kan riktigt se hur hans hjärnas synapser förmeras för vart stygn. Lyckliga han som får tillgång till sömnad!