Från Zickermans värld

torsdag, juni 26, 2008


This is a cliffhanger. The birdbag is finished. And I must say that I am quite pleased, and somewhat smug. But - there will be no pictures tonight. Actually, there won´t be any pictures until sunday. Well - perhaps, but do not count on it. The embroideryclass ends tomorrow and me and B will leave for Näshulta and stay there until sunday. There will be knitting, embroidery, walks in the woods, concerts, dear friends, food, wine and SLEEP. I will leave you with a borrowed picture of the lining of the bag - it might be familiar from a previous post. Then it is time to pack. And I have not even written packinglists yet. Do you write lists? I do. Every day. It keeps me kind of calm, and kind of sane.

Tomorrow I´ll also send a couple of mitten-kits to their keen and able knitters. I really hope that you will enjoy them.

A calm and, well, CALM weekend to all of you!

The lining, ladies and gents - the lining. "My Folklore" by Lecien.
Provided by dear, dear

måndag, juni 23, 2008

Fire and redecoration

We´ve had some day today! In short: an appartment in our house caught fire and Valdar and B was at home. Although this appartment was on the first floor and we live at the.. eighth they had to try to get outside - without using the elevator. When the reached the second floor the fire department smashed in the door of the burning apartment and they got caught while the smoke and extremely hot air got out into the stairs. Luckily they got out and were taken care of by the nurses in the ambulance and after beeing given some oxygen they went to the hospital.

They are both alright. V got a monkey in fire men´s gear from the fire men and he (the monkey) has been putting out fires at our kitchen table this afternoon.

I don´t think that V got time to get scared. But I sure did. We are back in the flat and to my knowledge no body was hurt in the fire.

Valdar is sleeping in his bed, B is sitting in the chair reading and I am on the couch. All is well.

Oh, and I changed the apparance of the blog a bit. Hope you like it.

söndag, juni 22, 2008

Oh my!

It has almost been a month since I last made an entry - and it has been a crazy month! School is over - I am no longer a student. Well, actually I am - since I am taking a summerclass: Embroidery at HV Skola. It is a three weeks class, and the last week starts tomorrow. But, first things first.

Some weeks ago I finally got to try the art of spinning flax! We had a two days class held by Stina Wåhlmark and I focused on trying everything I thought was hard about spinning. This is part of the result. The skein of 2ply to the right is a dishcloth nowadays. My best one ever.

This is a small greeting from Sätergläntan in Insjön, Dalarna, Sweden. Such a inpsiring enviroment! It was a good annualmeeting - I even got to go to a jobinterview.. I haven´t heard anything yet. And I will keep you posted!

New books and magazines! From the left: the new book "Okända mästare" (unknown masters) by Olle Nessle, "Quilting, patchwork & applique" from Thames & Hudson (- this is one of the most inspiring and beautiful books I have ever seen!) - and to the right the latest issue of Hemslöjden. A great read for everyone interested in crafts - in swedish though.

The day after. Enjoying some coffee and the calmness the days after the graduation day.

Valdar. Crumbs and elderberriemust.

One of my ink-sketches for the first exercise - a stitchexercise. I really liked putting the sketches together.

Embroidery inspiration. Skansens klädkammare, again. I LOVE going there! Look, just LOOK at this. Have you ever seen, could you ever imagine? Less is more and more is more. Beads, colours, more colours or just red stitches on linen cloth. Simple, complicated, serene or strong. Folk art at its best!

At the moment we are finishing up some exercises or projects using wool cloth and wool/silk thread. I am making a birdhandbag. I will show you some pictures later.

You will hear from me soon again - the coming month will hopefully be more sane, calm and normal - and less INsane, crazy and stressfull. And, about that good news? You will just have to wait! :-)

Och just det! Ett meddelande. Om du är intresserad av att köpa en materialsats till Grimslättvanten - alltså mönster och garn - ekologiskt och handfärgat, så finns det några färdiga! Maila mig om du är intresserad. Det går såklart att skicka, materialsatsen väger ca 160 g.

Är det förresten inte UNDERBART att det är sommar - med SOMMAR i P1 och allt?
Har ni inte sett vår, alltså Stockholms Handvävares, utställning på Skansen så gå dit! Du har några dagar på dig!