Från Zickermans värld

fredag, juli 20, 2007

We left Stockholm about a week ago for Bohuslän. A couple of close friends got married and held a wonderful ceremony and dinner by their house. Since we brought Valdar (at first we were not going to) we did not have to hurry home - so here we are.

We are staying at another couple of dear friends and their two children, which is great for Valdar. They own a farm - mostly sheep (Gotländska utegångsfår), poltery, cows and horses. Needless to say that we enjoy our stay deeply. The farm is called Grimslätt <-- visit their site! Today Sara and Markus received three large packages of..... YARN and WOOL! They send their wool to be spun at Solkustens Ullspinneri. Mostly it is 100% lambswool, 1 ply and 2 ply. This far I´ve tried to knit a 40 x 180 cm shawl using the knittax - a knitting machine (vad fasen heter det på engelska? Stickmaskin liksom) and I love the yarn! Soft, oh so soft.

The magical Knittax

Knitting a shawl. A shawl in one afternoon :-) Sweet.

Trying out some lacepatterns using the 1 ply aswell. Very exciting!