Från Zickermans värld

söndag, september 07, 2008

Still no photos. But, meanwhile I thought I´d put some links up. For several reasons we are looking at furniture, wallpapers and so on. Lets say we have been looking around, and I found a couple of things I like.

Wallpaper "Storskogen" by Karin Moberg. Found it over at Designista, where I also found these pictures.

Meet Sixten! We have been looking for a kitchentable and a coffee-table for ages, I think we just might have found them. There are, actually, some Sixten chairs aswell.

This kitchen by Kvänum is one of my favourites.

And finally, Svenskt Tenn. Elefant Blå by Estrid Ericson.

Time to go, take care. Maybe I´ll see you in Leksand at Väv08?

2 kommentarer:

  1. Anonym10:26 em

    Köket var ju hur snyggt som helst! Ja, allt var väldigt snyggt. När kan jag flytta in?

  2. Ha! Vi köpte ett sixten köksbord och sex stycken sixten-stolar i juni!